symptoms of unprofesionalism

song tips??

Just did this song today, wondering if the closing vocals are too much for the mix, overwhelming or what not… also still need to add bass, drums, maybe other stuff, maybe change of vocals. but looking for criticism on layout/maybe how to make more interesting.

oh yeah, if you don’t like purevolume, i can get it to you some other way…

mary jane


Not bad. I like the content - don’t take this the wrong way but the tunes conjure up images of junkies. I like that heroin sound! One thing, however, it sounds like the guitars are bit out of tune. I am always a stickler about tuning because a concert tuned guitar can be easily combined with keyboard, horns, or whatever later. Still, keep on recording man!


yeah, nevermind- the song wasn’t meant to sound so down and stuff. i’ll work on the lyrics, etc, thanks

I’m thinking… Beck meets Dandy Warhols. This may not be the cleanest mix in the world, but I sure do like the way it sounds… a lot. In fact, I like it the way it is so much that I’m really unable to technically critique it.

Good song. I likey.

Thank you Mr. Former Memberj-- what do you think isn’t so clean about the mix? it could be the lightly distorted organ. could be fun trying to find room for drums and stuff :.

thanx for the feedback. ill check my windows settings( bass and treble) see where they are at.