Sync guitar and vocals with Midi drums

Sync problems

When I try to play guitar to my midi drum tracks, I find there is a lag, how do I fix this problem. In the past I have just written the drum track and then converted it to a wave file and then played to it. This is time consuming and it doesn’t allow you to edit your drum tracks afterwards. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice?



For me, I can’t determine the drum/percussion sounds, beats, in-fills, etc. when i am laying down ideas.

Solution: I have a number of midi templates that I use as a basic drum beat, i.e. different time signatures. I have some wav versions but for those I don’t, I create wav files

Later in the process, so long as the timing hasn’t changed, I then use the template to build the actual drum track and then bounce this to wav or a number of wavs (one for each bit of the drum/persussion set-up). I then add effects to each wav as necessary

I have found that ASIO drivers and better sound cards help a great deal, where when I started out the lag was quite significant.

There is another thread or two on here about drums and the use of piano roll, but there is a link to Drum Site software, which I downloaded (demo) and have yet to give it a go. Looks good though

–I have been playing to the piano roll and trying to record that way. I have the platinum ex-audigy sound card and a fast computer (512 ram–2.5 G processor)

feel like there must be a way to set up the program so that drums on the piano roll sync with live recordings such as guitar. So far I’ve been unable to find it. Converting between wav files and midi piano roll has been my only solution… At least I’m not alone though… thanks for your tips smiffy.


Buy yourself a cheapo Yamaha or Casio keyboard with MIDI I/O. Even the less than a hunnert dollar models have MIDI ports. Beats the CRAP outta trying to “play” the piano roll with the mouse. Helped me 100%. Also, when you are clicking events into the piano roll, n will quantize them to the nearest grid point. If your other audio is not in perfect timing with the grid, this will cause timing errors.