Sync N-Track with Roland VS-880EX

I have recorded a song with 3 stereo tracks on my Roland VS-880EX. I now want to transfer all 3 tracks into N-Track and have them all lined up correctly. I can use the sync track from the Roland VS-880EX to start N-Track in playback mode but not in record mode.

Is there a way to get the sync track from the Roland to N-Track. I can remember doing this once before so perhaps I need to go back to an earlier version. I currently have the latest Beta version running.

I haven’t done this in a while, but when n-Tracks is setup to run in sync, using an external clock, I think all you need to do is click the record button (with n-Tracks setup to automatically record to new tracks, which is the default). When the record or play button is clicked n-Tracks will sit and wait for the external clock. Start playback in the external device and you should be on your way. There may be a dialog saying n-Tracks is waiting.

Thanks for the reply. When I set up N-Track as the slave and the Roland VS-880EX as the master N-Track starts fine in play mode with control comming from the Roland. When I press record N-Track waits as you suggest and as soon as I press play on the Roland the record button restores to normal and nothing happens.

It may be a problem with my computer setup. Perhaps I should try with another computer.

That might be a bug. It doesn’t sound like something going to a different computer would help. That’s usually pops and clicks and crashes territory. :)

Maybe Flavio has a workaround, or a suggestion if it’s a hidden function.

:) I am making some progress. I have tried N-Track on a different computer and made it work using version 3.5 of N-Track.

I am now using version 4.05 on my normal desktop computer and by selecting ‘Wave Timer’ instead of ‘System Timer’ (Preferences/Midi Settings) I can now synchronise using N-Track as the master.

I now need to find some more settings to make it work as a slave.

Using n-Tracks as the master was the only way I ever got it working, but that was the only way I wanted it to to work.

One thing that REALLY messed me up isn’t a bug in n-Tracks, but it’s the way WinXp highlights buttons. I keep confusing when the sync button was actually on and when it simply had focus. When it’s on it looks slightly darker gray and when it’s off it is lighter. That’s something in the WinXp UI when using checks as buttons, which is a standard display option when writing windows code. It would be WAY more obvious if it was on or off if it was a standard labeled check. Of course, that is something that Flavio has control over.

Regardless, that one thing really got me scratching my head for a while. I’m speaking from memory because it’s been years since I did it, I don’t have the external MIDI stuff setup anymore (I was syncing in Amiga running Bars & Pipes Pro), was using V3.3 at the time, and am not in front of a machine that has n-Tracks installed. It may be better now.