Sync to MTC Problem

I succeeded, I thought, in getting NTrack set up to chase MTC sync from an external source. When I ran it with just the timecode driving it, it seemed to be chasing fine. But I discovered that it chases sync only approximately. Instead of starting exactly when it’s supposed to, it starts a little late (or possibly early): not the same amount every time. From there, it stays the same distance out of sync for the whole song.

If I give it five or six tries, I’ll typically get one where the offset is small enough to be workable. But that’s not very useful: for one thing, it’s sort of a burden to start it six times every time I want to do something; plus I’ve got to check it against some sort of timing reference every time, which isn’t really practical.

This is using the evaluation version. There’s nothing that indicates that sync is disabled (or made imperfect) in this version, so I’m figuring that licensed version has the same problem.

I’d say it’s still buggy. When I was trying this long ago (using MIDI Clocks) it wouldn’t honor Song Position Pointers at all, and didn’t follow tempo changes well, which are simple when using MIDI Clocks. It showed that it may have been starting in sync but it seemed to be running on its own after that. This was a LONG time ago in either 2.2 on 3.3, or in between.

I say file bug with Flavio.