Synchronizing N-track and Acid


I use N-track 3.3 as the master app and acid as the slave app. I use smpte 30 fps to lock them together.

When I start n-track, acid will start a few seconds later but both wont synchronize properly together.
There pretty out of sync. I Tried with yoke, and with a midisport2x2 interface with the same result.

I have a pretty good computer and it’s in a good shape.

I use to sync two Atari and a fostex 8 tracks with smpte a long time ago and it worked flawlessly. I cant believe that we cant do
the same with all the great technology that we have today…

I must be doing something silly…

Thanx in advance for any help


I just installed Aci pro 4 and was aproaching the same problem the other day.

I sync them the other way, using Acid as the master. This allows you to use the loop to some extent and Acid can respond to the transport controls built into most modern computer keyboards (usually only usefull with Media Player).

You might try using Midi Clock instead, since it can send tempo info as well.

I go through Yoke and have very little lag. There’s about a 64th note’s delay with N’s default settings, but that can be adjusted quite easily, or even ignored if you’re not playing identical tracks.

A little update…

First, thanx Tag for the help. I tried what you suggested but no luck.

Although I didn’t find a solution yet, I did find what was causing the problem.
There’s a latency problem with acid 5 on my system. If I record an audio track in acid it lag behind on the playback. I tried syncing N-track with an older version of acid (3) and it’s fine…
So I’ll try to get to the bottom of it but I’m not sure what will happen since I’m using the trial version of acid and its good only for 30 days.