Syncing tracks from my keyboard?

recording tracks from my keyboard

Hi…I record a lot of music using the sequencer on my Yamaha keyboard. I want to record one track at a time to n-Track and then do all of my mixing. Is there a way to sync each of those tracks to start at the same time without having to manually drag them and line them up? Is it just a matter of recording each track and then telling each one to start at the 2 second mark?


Click on the time axis at the offset point of your choice prior to pasting.

Does the Yamaha have midi out and will it do MTC? If it will do MTC, make N-Track the slave and the Yamaha the master.

MTC will sync the slave to the master. So when you push play on the Yamaha N-track can be set to record and they should sync.


Sorry for not replying sooner. I was without internet service for 2 weeks. I found the settings involving MTC and when I messed around with that, I got it to work so that when I press record in n-Track, my keyboard starts playing. Very cool! Thank you for all the help and suggestions!