System requirements

System requirements

Hi! I run a AMD Athlon 500mHz system with 256mB ram. It seems like the new N-track version requires all recources that my system have. Could this be right? The 3.05 version only uses max 15% of my CPU handling.
Anyone who could explain this ?


Are you using different effects or plugins than you were using before with the earlier version?
When you say that the newer version requires all resources…is n-track crashing? What is the cpu usage with V4?

Hi! No plug-ins in use. Just startet up from scratch and recorded a single track from my accoustic. CPU-usage 80-100%. Red alert… No, it did not crash, everything just went syrup… And, as I said the old 3.05 is fine.

Have you got the latest build of V4?
I know an earlier version had a problem with excessive CPU use.
The latest build is 1693…


I use the 1683 build that is avaliable for download at this site. Where can I find the 1693 build ?

1693 is on the download site

It is. it is !

I`ll give it a try…

Thanks !

have you checked your buffering? maybe they’re set too low and N-track is having to use too much CPU to compensate for this.