Sytem Hangs


Ok, maybe this has been discussed… It is also quite possible it is my current sound card and drivers!! My Creative Audigy 2 should be here tomorrow… Everytime I play a song that has been mixed down or try and do something new, then play it back. If you try and stop it, N-Track just stops responding, CPU usage goes to 100% and nothing is working. This is on a P4 1.4ghz, 1 gig ram, 7500 rpm drive. I don’t the same problem with either Sony’s Sound Forge or Music Studio.

Any ideas??? I have tried messing with the buffers… Maxed them out and almost none…

I get lockups if I move the playback time slider back and forth too quickly during playback, like when I am listening to a short part over and over by dragging the slide back each time the part plays. I haven’t had a lockup by just hitting stop, though, as you describe.

If you can devise a test that will repeatedly cause the problem, post it here so others can try the test and see if it happens with others. You would want to mention which operating system version you are using. Once you can isolate the problem, you can submit it to Flavio for a fix – if it is related to n-Track.

OOPS. my bad!! I am running Win 2000 SP4!! Sorry all… I really am leaning towards my sound drivers and sound card… I will post more tomorrow when I get my Audigy 2 installed and tested.

Also I have an Intel 850 motherboard with RDRAM memory… 800mhz memory at that…

I should also mention that I used to be one of the lead system admins at Intel Corp… Please not fruit or veggies thrown please… Sys admins get enough of that at work LOL!!!

Ok, so I got an Audigy 2 Z2 or something like that. System hangs are gone so far. I am guessing at this point that the old sound drivers and hardware were causing problems.

I am going try some recordings from the output of my Marshall MG100DFX to the US122 and see how that goes…