T-Racks  crashes in N Track

Is it a memory issue?

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Has anyone used T-Racks in N Track and if so, have you had any problems with it overloading and crashing? I know it eats memory like crazy, and I am just now downloading the latest (Beta) version of N Track, but haven’t tried yet. I got one
good take on a song with the
(Demo version) T Racks 670 Compressor, sounds very nice, but now whenever I try to use T Racks it says

Runtime Error! Program: C\Program Files\FASoft\N Track Studio6
This applications has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team
for more information.

I can’t seem to get any
fast support from IK Multimedia since it is a Demo and they require a registered serial no. to talk to you. Maybe there is a way but I haven’t found it yet. I also tried T Racks in Sonar but it doesn’t work there either.

Is this possibly something that could be remedied with buffer/soundcard settings or something similar? Or possibly with the newer N Track version?

It also said before closing to “Make sure the plug in is installed properly”, but I have re installed it several times and can’t see any difference in how it was when it was working. It may be a registry error, but I have run Registry Booster several times, unless it somehow screwed up my settings. It did that on my GNX4 so my USB port could not recognize my card as 16 bit and kept wanting to re format it. I still haven’t got that fixed yet but instead started using GNX4 to transfer files to my computer. Too many possibilities and not enough time to trouble shoot…

Oh man your computer is not recognizing the F: drive (CF card) of the GNX4 via usb…you definitely got a big problem there…I feel for ya if that ever happen to me I would be upset.

I might remember something like that happening or being spoken of in the Digitech forums a while back…if the card is working properly in the GNX4 than it is formatted correctly, what is not working is your systems ability to recognize it, I don’t know causes that, wish I could be of more help.

As far as the Ntrack related VST problem…do you have the VST loaded or installed into the NTrack VST folder?
If your system is is running low on resources try Control Alt Delete and shut down anything non-essential before attempting to load the software.

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Yeah, well, when I re install T Racks, I specify N Tracks Shared plug ins folder, and it seems to be installing it just like it was before it started acting up. I also tried getting drunk, but it still didn’t work. One time I was tweaking the settings on my Asio Driver in Amplitube, and
a window popped up that said, “Computers hate you!” I just sat there for a long time, staring at the monitor.

If you want to hear a song I used T Racks on, maybe it will demonstrate why I am intent on finding a solution to using T Racks with N Track, or even Sonar. The first song I have on this page, at http://www.jamwave.com/soul_of_earl Cry Baby Cry, was mastered with T Racks 670 tube sim compressor. There is a bit of magic when you use it, as they claim on their website, but it uses a lot of memory. Other compressors I tried sound so so, or even like crap.

I did not know Amplitube had a ASIO driver interface, but I see it is no longer a VST that needs to be hosted by a DAW but a standalone now.

For the price of that software (Trax) you could have bought a good hardware compressor that would work with any DAW since it is outside of the computer, you know the ones in the pictures they are emulating…

Are you sure your system meets the suggested system requirements to run TraX?

2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

500 clams, that would buy a descent entry level home studio grade compressor.

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I’ve got a Dell dual processor with 2.53 ghz and 3 gb ram 32 bit op system. I haven’t bought T Racks yet I was just Demoing it, but pretty much decided the Deluxe set up I don’t really need, at least I haven’t found much use for most of the effects for 500.00 but that 670 compressor you can buy alone for 99.00, that is what I am wanting to get, if I can make sure it will work. I don’t know if even a hardware type compressor could make a song sound as good unless it was a tube compressor, though I would be willing to try one if I heard anything good, but the ones I have seen are pretty 'spensive. I guess I will email N Track Tech support and ask if they can look into it for me. I’ll try contacting IK Multimedia again too.

This one just ended:

DOD compressor $25

Lots of options out there if you know what to look for and your specific needs.

I do hope you get the software situation ironed out, because that can also effect other things you use.

T-rex tube compresor

THis one is more master channel orientated tube comp:

ARt pro VLA I do hear good things about it.

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Then there is the infamous RNC,


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Nice, but what does a 25.00 compressor sound like? All the tube compressors I have seen usually start around 1000.00 and go up. Plus you can’t DEMO them first, although some may be shown on youtube.

I can see using a hardware compressor to compress signals going into N Tracks, but when mastering a song and all the tracks, it seems one would have to route the signal back out of the computer through a compressor and into an outside recording device, then send the finished song back into the computer to be stored and made into mp3s etc.

I sort of like the less complicated route. But who knows, I might find an awesome compressor at a yard sale someday. I found a huge Native drum
that someone was throwing away and it makes a great coffee table/chew toy for the dog, plus it sounds incredible. Only problem is, it sheds, which is why the previous owner’s wife made him get rid of it. But we don’t mind a few more animal hairs do we Luke? Luke agrees.

YEs hardware tube compressor of good quality can be quiet expensive, but there are a few (even solid state ones) that are lower end and great for the job.

IT all depends on what you are relying on the tube compressor to do to the sound.

In your case it sounds like you are using it on the master channel mix to fatten the overall warmth and presence of the mix.
You do not necessarily have to record music to an outside device to send it though a hardware compressor, in Ntrack (or any other DAW) you play your master mix it goes out your interface though the compressor and back into the record channel to record a new track, like an FX loop, within the computer but using hardware.

Sounds like you found a nice drum :)

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Tube has little to do with anything in this arena. Countless top shelf comps are solid state. Tube comps… Fairchild 670, Manley VariMu, LA-2A, Tubetech, Drawmer. Solid state… 160s, 1176s, Distressors, all the Alesis/Behringer junk, Fatso, Cranesong, Chandler, Vintech, API etc etc.

What we need to be concerned with in compressors is if they are VCA or opto based, feedforward or feedback, and if they are RMS or peak detecting.

The Bubba doth make a good point.

Honestly (anyone can answer this) I don’t know how much effect Tube compression even had on the Beatles sound?
From what I gleamed from showcases with Paul McCartney it was the S.O.S. and tape saturation on a lot of those songs that put’s them in a certain category sonically, and may just have well sounded the same or close with solid state compressors being used.

Tho some of the Reel to Reels had descent Tube pre’s in them… :agree:

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