Take that tooth fairy....

Ya gotta love a gal that knows 1.) Where the pliers are. And 2.) How to use 'em!

Then she wrote a poem:
Tooth fairy, tooth fairy
You’re nothing like Cupid
You give away money
How so very stupid

Who needs medical insurance with her in the house :laugh:

Oooh…do it yourself at home dentistry…now there’s a new market…

My dad did that once to him self
:laugh: so he said!

Quote: (TomS @ Jun. 10 2009, 1:59 PM)

Oooh...do it yourself at home dentistry...now there's a new market...

Do it yourself circumcision?..............anyone? :whistle:


No thanks Bruffie. Sounds painful…

I remember my old “childhood” dentist well. Weird kind of guy but he was a friend of my dads sooo… that’s who we used. When I reached latter teenage status I had a wisdom tooth he just insisted HAD to come out. It was on the bottom right. I thought he was going to pull me, the chair and two dozen Chinese out of the floor when that thing went KA-POW! I felt a shooting pain all the way down to my left big toe. He handed me the tooth and it looked like a Walrus tusk or something… The lower left wisdom tooth is still in there. Maybe that’s why I am so wise? LOL!

Home dentistry is for cute kids like Poppa’s little sweetie there. :agree:


It was her idea to take a picture and tell Granny that’s how she pulled it - she chickened out though, and I ain’t about to have her tell her mom I pulled her tooth with a pair of pliers!

Kids are so fun. My oldest, whenever he had a loose tooth and we wanted to help him get out he would cry, scream and beg. I mean the thing would be just dangling by a tiny sliver and you’da thought we were taking a branding iron to the boy…

The youngest? He just walks up with blood drooling out of the corners of his mouth and hands me a tooth. “Here ya’ go dad! Another one came out…” :laugh: I’d be like "What the hey? I didn’t even know one was loose!!"


Well the oldest one my be takin’ care of the young one’s teeth - heheheee :laugh:

Cute as a button yougin!

The pic is priceless! :)