Taking next step?

I’m kinda new to this forum (more lurking than posting) and I’ve only been recording for less than a year. But I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’ve been playing guitar for a long time, but only now have recorded anything. n-Track has helped in many ways.

Anyway, I’ll be upgrading to 24-bit soon with the addition of some new mics and pre-amps. I’m hoping that will boost the quality of the recording a tad.

Here are some tunes I’ve done over the last several months. I recorded and mixed everything with n-Track 4.1 (16 bit) in my pseudo home studio (aka basement).

Please let me know if there are things that I can improve upon (exlcuding vocal talent…I’m not very good).


Dude…that is good stuff. My son plays very similar to you and I love it. I wish I could play that style. I only do when I jam with my son and we crank it up and jam til the wee hours.
I have some songs posted here and, if you listen, you will notice that my style is 180 degrees from yours. I love “taken names and bangin’ heads” music…so rock on…
What do you use for drums?
I really can’t suggest anything as an improvement. I did notice that when you jam into a bridge there is no other guitar to carry the bed. You must be doing only the one guitar part?

still great stuff…IMO
cliff :cool:

Quote (g8torcliff @ Nov. 21 2005,18:49)
I did notice that when you jam into a bridge there is no other guitar to carry the bed. You must be doing only the one guitar part?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
Can you give me an example…I’m not familiar with ‘bridge’ and ‘bed’ terminology. Thanks.

Quote (g8torcliff @ Nov. 21 2005,18:49)
What do you use for drums?

I used the Drumkit From #### 2 VSTi plugin. It’s really versitile for this genre.

This is an upgrade to that, and has more drum samples:

The reviews are bad due to their lack of understanding of what or how to use it. It’s really an awesome tool for the money.

Right around 2:18 of NO WAY…sounds like only a bass & guitar where before it sounded more full…almost like 2 guitars & bass. Not a big deal by any stretch. I just felt you were looking for some input…that’s the best I can come up with. I still like the overall sound.

By the way, thanks for giving my stuff a listen. Drums are driving me crazy. After using just the drum fx from my rp50 effects pedal for a long time, I finally got my hands on a Roland drum machine. Thought it sounded way better but from the comments I’ve received on my stuff that doesn’t seem to be the case. That is why I was wondering what you were using for drums.

rock on



Yes, there is a short part where I’m only using the left channel guitar. It sounds like it’s more of a distraction than a transparent effect. That’s good to know.

With the VSTi drums, if that is what you are considering, you’ll need to decent pc with a minimum of 1GB of ram.

I listened to a few of the songs here and they are really good.
The production sounds pretty good to me. Sounds like you have used some good/nice effects and techniques.
Some nice guitar work too

The drums at the beginning of I hold Your Secret sound too loud to me… I’d pull them down a bit and then push them up when the distorted guitars kick in. then pull them back down again when it goes to teh quiet section again.
Also maybe change the drum pattern in the heavier section so it has a bit more energy… sounds too similar to teh quiet section
also the drums sound like they maybe could use some reverb on them to make them sit in the mix a bit better with the guitar and vocals. but maybe it’s just cause they are a bit too high in the quiet bit they stand out more…

I really like the bridge in this song

No way sounds good as is… the mix sounds more balanced to me than on I Hold Your Secret.

Dream flight was nice. I really liked the clean guitar sound. The tone and also whatever you’ve done in the mix.
One thing though is it sounds like you spent more time getting the clean sound right but the distorted guitar sound seems a bit lifeless (the sound, not your playing). Not sure what it is… maybe a bit of overuse of the reverb? Or maybe just some EQ to give it a bit more prescence?

Really liked the guitar sound in rain on me. (as well as the riff)
Sounds a bit George Lynch-ish
Think this would sound great with some vocals
Yourplaying sounds pretty clean on this one (sounds good on all the songs but maybe just stood out more on this as it’s instrumental)

Good stuff


Thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback. It is truly appreciated.

I have to agree with your critisism. It seems after a song has been mixed, there are always things to make it much better…especially after time has passed and give the song time to simmer. Sometimes its hard to see the forest thru the trees during the main mixdown.

Again, thanks!

I was listening to the lead break in No Way and thinking to myself ‘Hmm… very Randy Rhoads, isn’t it ?’ and then I scrolled down the page :)
As for vocals, you don’t do I Don’t Know any worse than the Oz man himself. I got the bootlegs to prove it :)

Keep it up ! :cool:

Wow…thanks teryeah. I don’t know if that’s a blessing or a curse. I’ve been told that many times before. But especially during this tune, I was completely in Dimebag-land mentally. Although, Randy was also a big influence on Dimebag.
Thanks for feedback.

Oh yeah…I too think all of my vocals are less than average. I’ve been thinking for a while about vocal lessons. :)

It’s been quite a while since I visited these forums, and I decided to start off listening to some recent recordings such as this. Sounds absolutely wonderful, I love Wish You Were Here. May as well throw in a technical suggestion while I’m here… take the gate (or manual muting) off the acoustic guitar. While 99.9% of your audience will never know the difference, trained ears can notice the lack of “air” at spots like 0:52, 1:00, and 1:09. Unless there was serious fret noise or something, just let it run!

Yeah, I noticed that too at first. :( It’s the proverbial annoying string noise…time to break out the string grease. :D

“I Wish You Were Here” was my first experiment with my new M-Audio Tampa preamp/compressor. That thing rocks! It basically eliminates the need for gates due to the low floor noise. Once I get into the 24 bit world (new sound card), it should be even better.

Thanks again for the feedback. I’ll be re-tracking that song too; once my new studio is complete.