Taking the Hercules fw16/12 back

As per topic, any suggestions for something that works properly on nforce2 based boards (in particular an ASUS a7n8x board rev 1.06)?

Looking at EMU 1820m (like the converters and pres from what I’ve heard), edirol fa101, maybe the edirol ua1000 (but maybe not, want something people have used successfully, USB2 doesn’t seem to be very utilised yet).

Must have 8+ inputs and decent driver/control panel software.

The herc worked ok, but seemed a bit unstable under ntrack 3.3, XPSP2. I dunno if it was me, the system, or the herc, but it’s not being detected properly when turned on bugged the daylights out of me. Might even stay away from firewire…



I have an EMU 1820M and love it! There have been folks reporting problems with nForce2 chipsets but I think they have it pretty much licked. The EMU is heavy on the PCI buss and extra stuff like RAID adapters and SATA adapters (even if integrated in mobo) hog the PCI buss and can cause problems with the EMU. Having said that, I’m 99% sure I am going to buy a MOTU 828mkII for a portable rig. Its been around a LONG time, very mature drivers, extremely flexible soft/hardware mixer, etc…

Sorry the Herc didn’t work out for you. I appreciate the report though as I was eyeing that unit myself. It was between the Herc, M-Aduio 1814 or MOTU 828mkII. In the end the MOTU just seems a better solution even if it costs a bit more.


The Motu works, I’ve borrowed a friends once, and the software is certainly comprehensive.

I’ve got a bit of an attraction to the latest and greatest though, so the Echo Audiofire12 has caught my eye.

Maybe I should just get a c-port.


I’ve got an Echo Layla on a nVidia nForce chipset box - works like a charm, albeit under Linux.


Update, took it back, got a “replacement unit” - same problems…

Hi Willy:
Most of us here are all aware that what some audio hardware is good for one may or may not be good for us all. By all accounts the ASUS Main boards seem to work for audio pretty good. I’d like to see you look at some RME Hardware… From what I hear… the RME stuff is quite stable with ASUS main boards… I’m not a spec freek, but the dynamic range and noise floor specs are just about tops in comparison to other brand names… Their drivers appear to be stable as-well-as-the-company… Their audio gear is worth the earth, though… The other thing is… in my IMO… I think you are past the C-Port hardware… considering what audio hardware you’ve had in the recent past… No matter what hardware you end up with, I hope you get the audio hardware you so well deserve… We all deserve the best equipment that our Hard-Earned money can afford to buy…

I’m seriously looking at the RME hardware, with an ASUS main board combination… However the mainboard I’m looking at is the P4C-800-E Delux… I think that’s the one… with the 875 chipset… We’ll see…

I can’t afford to buy “TURNKEY” from these people but I’m looking at the “PRO” model set-up and Parts-List that they offer… for my upgrade… ???


This setup delivered to where I live, would cost a fortune… I’m looking at duplicating the box and then getting the RME Hardware…


Well, as an update, I went back to XP/service pack one, and it appears to be working correctly now. Unfortunately, I have a job on sat that is going to require it be working properly!!

Ntrack is currently falling over on playback now…

RME… yeah, that was something I was looking at too. I’ll be happy for a while if I can iron this herc out.


Willy? Have you checked for BIOS upgrade on that mobo?

Just a thought.


Yeah, I’m using the 1007 uber bios - a hacked overclocker’s bios.

Anyway, I found the problem. Ntrack was set to playback and record at 16bits. Changed that to 24, unticked the keep devices open, and we’re golden.


So, you still have the Herc Willy? I’m confused?


And are you on SP1 or SP2?

So yeah, for the record, this is the detail of events:

- Got herc
- Herc wouldn’t work correctly.
- Sent herc back, got replacement unit (no one wants to hand money back straight away, eh?)
- Replacement unit did exactly the same thing operationally, but the lights light up the same way every time unlike the 1st unit.
- Lend to mate with p4 laptop. Herc works fine.
- Last ditch resort, format, reinstall XP and service pack 1.
- Herc works properly. Ntrack falls over.
- Set ntrack for 24 bits, stops falling over.
- start testing and ironing out for bugs for job tomorrow. Panic stations!


haha… It’s the simple things in life that drive you crazy, Willy!

Glad ya got it working.


Speaking of the MOTU…

If you don’t already own a mixer, the 896HD seems like it would be a better deal than the 828 MKII because for $250 more (about the cost of a cheap mixer) you get 8 mic pre’s instead of only 2… It also appears to have a bunch of built-in effects… The description makes it aound like it comes with some pretty serious routing software that would allow you to eliminate your patch-bay and just plug everything into this unit…

Or am I missing something?

The 896HD does not have any effects “built-in”. It is a FireWire audio interface. It does not have MIDI ports. Always a trade-off eh?


Quote (gtr4him @ Mar. 18 2005,11:19)
The 896HD does not have any effects "built-in".

Yep. My bad... The effects are part of the "Audio-Desk" software that it comes with.

Don't need or care much about MIDI myself...

I'm thinking this would be the way to go (for me anyway) if/when I upgrade... Would be able to us it at home as well as on location with my laptop without having to worry about an external mixer...

Still, $1000 is a lotta cheese.
Quote (John @ Mar. 18 2005,13:22)
Would be able to us it at home as well as on location with my laptop without having to worry about an external mixer...

Still, $1000 is a lotta cheese.

Yep. $1000 is a wad of greenbacks. The 896HD is kind of in a class by itself what with the 8 mic pres. Everything else I have run across has 2 or 4 which won't do the job without more boxes to carry around. I think I'm gonna spring for an 828mkII and a Berry ADA8000 (I know...I know!!) so I'll have 10 mic pres availible in 2 rack spaces. For work at home, the 828 has MIDI I/O for my keyboard.

828mkII new from BSW $700
Berry ADA8000 new from MF $229

Slightly cheaper than the 896 and more flexible.

Quote (gtr4him @ Mar. 18 2005,15:09)
828mkII new from BSW $700
Berry ADA8000 new from MF $229

Slightly cheaper than the 896 and more flexible.

Yeah, but for only another $70 more, you don't have to have Berry pre-amps in your chain.

:D :laugh: :D :laugh:

heh… I’d pay $70 not to have a Berry. :cool: