Taliep Petersen murdered

Hey, I didn’t assume it! And “enthically white” is a social construction in any case, as are all racial categories.

edit: although I find it fascinating that “moffie” or its equivalent is pretty much a standard insult in nearly every culture, and I find it just about as offensive as anything.

OK Tom, you’re innocent, it’s just the rest of us who’re guilty. :p :D

I’ve been examining again what Peter wrote, and my reaction to it.

His first post:


So, another dead Kleurlinge. The way those boys live their lives, what do you really expect?

‘Kleurlinge’ means ‘colored’ or of mixed race it seems, but I don’t know if that is an insulting term in south africa or not.

‘Boys’. Yes, here in the south that can be insulting if used from a white to a black, but I use it all the time, and I coach a football team and I use the word to my team which has guys of all colors, and I don’t mean it as an insult and I don’t think it’s taken as an insult.

So, apart from those two words, what was Peter saying?

I think he was implying that murder is common among ‘coloreds’, and that is due to their life style. I don’t know if that is true or not, Wihan could tell us more I guess, but Peter seems to believe it to be true anyway. And Peter seems to be an elderly guy who perhaps comes from a culture with strict moral standards.

Then we attacked Peter. He was invited to join the Aryan Brotherhood, he was told the equivalent of ‘su madre’, and he was accused of racism and that he would not be welcome to return to the land of his birth.

His next post showed his anger, and I think that was understandable.

I don’t think that post was supporting apartheid, just that he thought it was better than the life he was living now.

But again, we attacked this 'white racist nazi", although, where we got that idea from is not apparent. It seems it came more from our own heads than from Peter’s words.

Well, as Stan in Southpark says, “I think I’ve learned something today…” :D
Quote (Guest @ Dec. 22 2006,15:23)
But isn't it strange that we all assumed Peter was ethnically white?

What does that say about our own racial preconceptions and attitudes, I wonder?

Deep down, are we really as unprejudiced as we think we are?

very insightful. :(

BTW Wihan, I don’t really know what is going on in your country. All I see, I see as an outsider, and that makes me an expert in nothing.

But from the little I see, I think I’d be as angry as you at someone who appeared to be supporting Apartheid.

In fact, I’d probably be a sh1t sight more angry.

So, I’m not getting at you.

I’m just making a comment about us who are ignorant about the situation, yet who feel free to flaunt our ignorance.

Ain’t we a dumbass species! :D