Talk About Love

New from Wilson Teague Project

Hi gang, new song up for a quick listen. Talk About Love.
Mark Wilson, Vocals and Bass
Rich “Yaz” Teague, Drum machine, keyboard, guitars.
Ashley Daniels (My Daughter) Backing Vocals.

Any comments or suggestions welcome.

Talk About Love


Hi yaz:
Here’s where no having a Hi Speed connection really hurts me… You are doing some stellar work…

I’m gonna make an effort to download your project…


Yaz. Very cool. Funky.

Reverse wave intro: cool, but I’m not crazy about the panning. I find the return to center (at about 5 sec) a little distracting… almost like a glitch.

Bass: love the funky syncopated line. How did you record the bass? I think it could use a little more bottom. And it actually sounded a little rushed ahead of the beat in places. If it were a little lazier, I think that would add to the funky feel better.

Guitars: love the electric (especially the double-stop slides, right channel, beat four in the choruses). Was the acoustic recorded direct? I’m not crazy about the sound of acoustics through pickups. On the other hand, it sits very nicely in the mix the way it is, and using a mic might make it too percussive. I’m being picky, though. The part fills in very nicely.

Background vocals: Wow. Seriously, I got chills. The singing and recording/mixing are absolutely fantastic. I know who to call the next time I need bgvox.

Overall this was a very enjoyable listen.



Cool Yaz. What KBub said. Background vocals are great. Your daughter sounds like she grew up in the studio.

I’m at work now – crappy speakers. More later. Dang you’re becoming a regular music machine.


He guys, thanks for the listen. This was a first mix, probably go back to the drawing board. I myself agree with everything y’all said. I get excited and post a little too soon sometimes. LOL

The bass is a Jazz Bass straight into the mixing board. I don’t have a decent mic for bass amp mic-ing.
The acoustic is an Alvarez with System600T with the mids pulled out of it. For a rhythm part it does ok, for more picking songs I mic it.

My daughter is most musical from the day she was born, screaming a lead vocal out you could hear on 3 floors at the hospital. LOL She loves to sing and plays guitar (of course look at her teacher).

Thanks for listen!


Cool song Yaz… Nice funky groove going on with the Bass. Listening on surround sound and sounds ok on that. Love your daughters backing Vox, she’s really got the feel for it. Congrats my friend.
Still waiting for the album to come out :) Btw, the sudden ending is a bit of a jar, what about solo to fade?


Thanks for listening Bruffie, ending is abrupt! Wakes up any sleeping folks, LOL

OK, I just posted another song, Coming Home. Same link above.
Same lineup with the exception my wife sings with my daughter on backup. and, uh, I’m doing lead vocals.(what was I thinking)


Another good tune, Yaz. These compositions are really original, yet a bit retro. Hard to put my finger on it (in a good way).

For Coming Home the recording and mix sound great. BG vocals are way creamy! And the lead vox is good. Almost a Dan Tyminski thing going on there.


Thanks for listening KBub, now do you mean retro as in old fashioned, nostalgic, or just plain old? LOL
Momma used to say retro is as retro does. LOL Hey I’m still stuck in the 70’s.

Wow, compared to Dan Tyminski, you have made my day! I think my singing sounds like warmed over geese flatuants. LOL
I’ll be singing 'Man Of Constant Sorrow" for the rest of the day. :)


I gotta find time to listen to these Yaz… Monday night I had to go to a “Hoydy-Toydy” business dinner with my wife. Had to sit around in suit and tie with a gazillion schmucks I didn’t know or care to know. Total waste of time… Last night was clothes shopping for the youngest. Temperature drops a few degrees and the kid thinks he needs sleeves… sheesh…


PS I have to avoid the temptation to listen here at the work… not because I’m scared of the Big Kahuna but because EVERYTHING sounds like CRAP on the laptop speakers. “Altec Lansing” my big ol’ butt…

Hi ya D, no problemo. I know how that goes, hategoing to wife’s teacher gatherings. Can you say ‘BORING’!

Hey it’s not January yet, tell that youngin’ yer not supposed to wear shoes til first of year! LOL

Laptop ‘speakers’, hmmm, is there such an animal?


do you mean retro as in old fashioned, nostalgic, or just plain old?

I meant it in a good way: in all of its tolex-covered, greazyfonk goodness.

And I apologize to those who ended up humming Man Of Constant Sorrow all day.

Quote: (KBub @ Nov. 08 2007, 10:17 AM)


do you mean retro as in old fashioned, nostalgic, or just plain old?

I meant it in a good way: in all of its tolex-covered, greazyfonk goodness.

And I apologize to those who ended up humming Man Of Constant Sorrow all day.


ROFL, well I must say It's one of my favorite tunes and movie.
And the "Soggy Bottom Boys" version with the whole band, has Mr. Douglas playing that magical dobro of his. (Jerry Douglas is an alien)

The song Coming Home, I could go into in-depth analysis as to where the ideas (licks) came from. This has been a continuing inner struggle with myself as far as writing and recording new material. It all starts sounding the same to me, the "licks off of records that I learned" (Martin Mull) comes into play. Now I can't be telling tales and saying I'm still young cause I'm not. I'm a classic rocker who can't be removed from my roots. Not saying that it's good or bad, just stubborn I guess. LOL

So let's see.........
The acoustic rhythm, cross between Bo Didley and Allman Brothers(Southbound)
The first electric lick, John Fogerty Lick from "Old Man Down The Road)
The twin electric walk ups, Allman Brothers or Eagles, take your pick.
The middle part, Hendrix, Nugent, any thing from late 60's early 70's.
The outro guitar, probably Humble Pie riffs, maybe Johnny Winters.
Bass line, probably Doobie Brothers induced (by Mark Wilson)
Background vocals (female), Floyd, Skynyrd,
My Vocals, my thinking on this is Geese Farting.

So in retro, this tune reminds me of
Bo Allmanfogertyeaglejimigonzohumblewintersdoobiefloydskynyrd Brothers with warmed over geese farts! :agree:


Bo Allmanfogertyeaglejimigonzohumblewintersdoobiefloydskynyrd Brothers

Hey, I saw them in concert back in the late 70's... I think. :p


Wow Yaz. That’s HOT! Man I wish I had some musicians.

Hey Buddy!
Did Melody just describe you as hot ? :whistle:

Good tune as usual Yaz. You’ve really got the classic rock niche tied up now mate.
Good to hear you sing it. Actually you’ve been leading us astray. the vocals are absolutely fine and nice to have the home grown backing singers on hand. Nice vocal mixing all round, maybe you could tech me a trick or two about getting the backing vox nicely positioned in the mix.

Hi gang, guess I posted all that for no reason. It is what it is (the song).

It is nice to have the wife and daughter for vocal tracks. I’m using the new Eagles CD for mixing purposes. I get close, but no cigar yet. My biggest problem mixing down is getting caught up in plug-ins. More playing with plug-ins than making music.

Anyways thanks everyone for listening!

I’m off to Tennessee this morning, be back in a few days.
Have a great weekend all! :agree:

Yaz :)

Hey Yaz,

I finally gave “Talk About Love” a listen. I LIKE dooood, I LIKE. The music has a decidedly ARS feel to it. Great job!

The ONLY thing I would change would be the drum sounds. It sounds like an Alesis SR16 or Zoom RT234 or similar. It’s not bad mind you, but a good VSTi with some good samples could really make the song pop.

Great song. Great job all around! Right down my alley too… I’m a classic rock-head from way back. :)

I’ll check out the others ASAP. The Wilson Teague project is cookin’!


PS Muse blew a fuse eh? Not from what I’m hearing. :p

Thanks for listening D, you’re close on the drums, Alesis HR16 from the early 80’s. A relic much like myself LOL.
ARS, wow that’s a complement and a half D! :)

Computer crash thursday, big headache. Luckily I back up all song files on DVD. Whewwwww!