Talk About Love

Yaz - I had a chance to listen to your tunes man - I really like what I hear. I’d like to get a copy of all of it when you’re done - know how that goes though. Great work !

Hi PoppaW, thanks for the listen. When I get the tunes done, hmmm, man I’m slower than mollasses in winter, LOL

Checked out your tunes and loved it! I added Somewhere Over The Rainbow to my SC station, excellent job my man!
How are you recording your acoustics? Mics (what kind) setup etc, if you don’t mind my asking, it sounds great!


On that tune I used my Ibanez AW (not my Alverez) :;): - great sounding guitar - I put a Martin thinline pickup in it - I run it direct through my Behringer for a slight EQ tweek (it’s a little boomy) then I use some pugins for reverb etc… Thanx for checkin’ out my tunes. I only use mikes for vocals when my grankids aren’t around.


Talk About Love is a great song.
When I listen, I can’t believe that you do this for a “hobby.”

Maybe it’s that my standards for “what sounds good” are too low, but to me, your stuff sounds so “professional” and “polished.”
I could easily hear this song on the new Eagles album… <edit: just read that you were targeting that sound for the mix… - lol well, you hit it because I was thinking exactly that before I read your comment.>

If I could be critical in one area, and make a suggestion - and this is only personal preference - but I’d end the song with a guitar solo starting just after the “… changes in the weather,” (at 3:41), and carry the solo for a few measures, then fade out.
To my ear the song kind of ends without warning on that double stop. <edit: I saw where Bruffie also said the same thing>

Finally, as has been previously stated, your daughter’s pipes are awesome.
Do you think she would be willing to lend me a hand for background vocals on While There’s Still Time?
I really want to add back up vocals in the chorus, and on the outro of that tune, and I think her voice might fit great in there.
KBub suggested this to me as well.

Let me know.


Thanks for the listen Iplan. 40+ years of tinkering with music pays off I guess, LOL (Still a Hobby tho my main interest is food, as in eating it)

Yes I’m using the new Eagles CD as a reference point on mixing. It’s tough but I’m getting close. Never will be “perfect” to me, but I’m can be anal at times.

The abrupt stop is what it is. This song was performed live by Mark and myself in the early 90’s, we thought about changing and updating it, but came back to the original version every time. I think with the ideas we have for the cd this abrupt stop may play nicely. We’ll just have to wait and see.

My daughter is a RN at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, with 3 kids, and not much free time. But I will play her your song and see if she’s interested. If she is I will PM you and see what we can get together.

Yaz :)

Wow that sounds good. Love the beginning.

I wouldn’t change a thing - nice work!


Hi Dan, thanks for the ear. I’m still mixing on these songs. One day I may get 'em close.