Tascam US 122 and Windows Vista

Anyone else using this set up?

I lost my computer to a crash - I had all my tunes saved on disk - My new computer has Vista - seems to work well with N track but will not work with the tascam us 122. The new drivers from Tascam did not fix the problem either.

Anyone else run into this that can help me get back to recording - I would appreciate it. The client wants her Christmas CD this year!

Does Tascam have Vista drivers?

They have most of them - I can’t get them to work - very poor quality now with Vista.

Here’s the link to the us122 and others.


Maybe try a clean un-install and re-install the Vista drivers. I have E-Mu 0404 pci card, you have to do a virgin re-install sometimes to get it to work since their drivers are in beta. The problem is Vista being out for almost a year now and most audio card drivers are still in beta mode. And very few audio card manufacters are even trying or have plans for the WaveRT drivers (which are supported now in nTrack v5).

It’s a crap shoot with Vista and audio drivers. If the virgin re-install doesn’t get you working I would suggest contacting Tascam.

I’ll try that - but Vista is pretty quick to change drivers to what they have in the system.

Tascam has yet to reply to my customer service emails - been a week now.

Thanx for the suggestion.

well poop - that didn’t work either…

Does ASIO4ALL work with Vista? That might an option…



Good one D, forgot about asio4all. That may get you up and running poppawillis!

I’ll give that a shot. Thanx D

I finally got someone at Teac/Tascam - the problem may be my USB power from my computer - suggested a powered hub (I like that - Rings true)and of course a new cable.

Now that I have the possible fix I should leave work and go mix - Right? :laugh:

The powered hub did the trick - another lesson learned - the tascam drivers were fine - they did not include asio though.

I just got this from Tascam regarding the unexpected shutdowns:


There is a known issue with the US-122 Vista drivers that will not allow the computer to shutdown properly with the unit connected, I’m assuming that is what is causing this issue on your computer. We are working on a fix for that at the moment.

If you need further assistance feel free to email or give us a call.

Thank you for your interest in TASCAM

This has been worse than unspooling a 1/4 inch master off a hub.