Tascam US-428 and n-Track

Do they talk?


Anybody that can comment on whether or not the Tascam US-428 and n-Track are compatible (i.e. can you configure the 428 to control n-Track)?

Any other general comments about the 428?


Flavio includes a preset template to map the US-428 to n-Track. I don’t have a US-428 myself, so I can’t say how well it works.

As far as audio goes…my son has a US-122 and it works well with n-Track and sounds really good. The 428 should fare just as well.


Hey thanks TG!

Where can I get more info about the template? Is it a download, or is it in the application itself? Kinda clueless…

I have a US-122 as well and I concur with your comments on audio quality and ease of use.

Anybody else using a US-428 with n-Track? Seems like an awful lot of date to stream over USB 1.1 (4 in and 2 out at up 24-bit 48kHz…MIDI controller data…) Anybody have issues with the integrity of the audio?

Go to File > Settings > Faders/Control Setup. In the dialog that opens, bottom right corner is a button labeled “Presets”. Click there and pick US-428. Thats it.

Maybe an actual 428 user will chime in for you and share their experience. I have had good service out of Tascam products. In addition to the 122, I’ve had a 788 Digital Portastudio for two or three years. GREAT little box that one… I had a serious case of gear lust for the FW-1884 on my last interface upgrade. Budget was not large enough. :(