Is this joint any good?


Lots of success happening there - I get all the newsletters, and visit the forum now and then - seems to be a tight group of writers.

Great minds think alike! :)

I’ve been doing some researching into it also. I have to say that i am very tempted by it. From reading up on it i’m getting that it really is a bit like ‘job centre/agency’ for songwriters. Is such a thing not too good to be true?
(it claims to have provided people with full time careers)
Poppa did say (bless him) that our music should carry itself and taxi wouldn’t really be doing anything we can’t do alone…so maybe we just get lists of all the producers/radio stations etc etc and just send out millions of cd’s?
Does such a list exist? (would they even give it a chance and even listen to our stuff)?

Not being a grumble bum (well, maybe a little) but i think it’s tight that it’s so hard to make it as a writer without adding all the ‘frills’ and selling your soul to fund it! No bloody fair! (huff!!!) :angry:

So i guess the answer to your question is…dunno! Isit ???

You two need to be contacting legitimate publishers who have even better “ins” and contacts with producers than Taxi does. That list is readily available.

UK Publisher list

Publishers (good ones) nurture their writers like family.
And you know what? There are publishers who are actually looking for YOU. Go introduce yourself to the world of publishing. :agree:

Pops, you are a god send, that list is exactly what i needed :agree:
world of publishing…here I come :cool:

Ange x


B4 the list, it says…


Please keep in mind that many of the publishers on this list do not accept unsolicited material. These companies suggest that writers initially contact reputable industry sources (such as performance rights representatives, attorneys, managers, booking agents, etc.), who can then approach them with writer submittals.

So how do I approach the publishers? do i use

performance rights representatives, attorneys, managers, booking agents, etc.
should i just send them 3 songs in a cd with a small bio and hope they listen to it?
or call them myself and say…errrr…“hi, will you let me send you some music? i’m good…honest”?

any ideas?

Ange x

Poppa as ever you are a diamond, thanks for that.

I’ve been sending stuff to a knocked down list of 20 publishers in the UK, although for some reason I think my stuff lends itself to America more readily, dunno why.

I got a directory of UK publishers currently looking for writers, and a directory of ‘recording stars’ which gives latest label and publisher details on just about everyone. All this from the ‘International Songwriters Association’.

Got some GREAT videos etc on the website ie. interviews with the astonishing Carole King, Paul Macca etc. etc. on songwriting and loads of other stuff.

Of the 20 publishers, only one guy sends my returns back…

I’m gonna call EMI, put on my best Barry White voice for the receptionist and say…"Hey Baby…"

Actually…not sure if it will work on a bloke…perhaps I could deliver a cd with a boobogram…

“performance rights representatives” ie. "agents"

In book publishing they are essential to getting stuff to reputable publishers but are hard to come by. I imagine it is the same (or perhaps worse) in music publishing. You can obtain lists of agents through their various organizations (in the UK, I dunno - in Canada, they have an organization). But you’ll likely find that everyone is doing the same thing and they likely don’t vet unsolicited stuff.

The key is to find an ‘in’. Do you have a lawyer? Or know any lawyers? Talk to them - did they have any classmates who went into intellectual property law? If so, that classmate likely works with a number of agents. Can your lawyer friend arrange an introduction? No? Can you find out who represents a songwriter you like in your area? Who might you know who might know that agent?

And so on - it’s a tough go but an agent is nearly essential and a good one is worth much more than his/her percentage.

Yep - foot in the door syndrome “many” means just as easily “some”… some do some don’t. Call and find out. Ask. Some publishers will actually have a ‘password’ of sorts to have you write on the mailing to get past the trash bin. So call and ask. Make a friend at the front desk. These are regular folks worried about their jobs and kids just like everyone else… don’t look at it like a wall to climb over - consider it simply a door to open.

That’s why Taxi is what it is. They have open doors to open doors. Why put another door in the way? Open your own door… bust it down with kindness and beautiful music, find a target and fire 'til it falls… Whatever, just DO something.

Start your own publishing company.
Ange and Craig
That way ‘we’ll’ have an ‘in’

Crange! :p
i like it…cummon craig, time to take over the world, you n me, how’bout it?
We could be the next ‘pinky and the brain’
…(that is if there is any world to take over after LHC experiment launches tonight)!

Ange x

ooooooh - swallowed by a black hole.
Not a bad way to go.
(I like ‘pinky and the brain’)
Isn’t pinky the smart one?

Hhhmmm the more I look the more I’m tempted.

My time seems completely taken day and night…I barely get time to write…maybe an hour a week, and promotion or sending stuff to publishers has just had to take a back seat at the moment. Maybe it’s the right solution? I dunno.

I did a search for this and didn’t realise that Ange asked the same question just a few days before…soz Ange.
With the exchange rate as it is it’s around
£205 for the UK so it says on the net.
Maybe spending the cash will force me to find more time to write?

I dunno…

Here’s a couple of sites for you to check out. A friend of mine, who’s gotten a number of things on tv, recommended these to me, though I haven’t sent anything to them myself.

Noma Music

Crucial Music

Hey thanks for those Kevin!