Tech Service for Peripherals?

Hey patient counsellors,

I’m out of the woods with some things, and coolin’ it. No PC, but life is going in it’s directions anyway, and I’m sitting back and dealing on a good level. I still have my Tascam 788, and I’ll be back at the “desk” soon enough! But meanwhile I’m doing some maintenance, and wonder if any of you guys (girls) have had to ever send a breakout box, or similar item, out for repair?

This might be an odd request, but I dropped my Terratec breakout box a short way to the floor one evening (by mistake!), and I think that might be the reason it’s not giving me playback. I have to open it and visually check all the jacks, but that’s as far as this caveman goes into it.

I don’t know if this is the situation or not, but I just thought I’d look into it. Thanks for all the help you folks have been!

I sent you a PM and email

Got it- thanks.