technical criticism please

irish trad

hi guys

please could you criticise these for me, most of the stuff on here seems to be rock or somewhere near to it so i don’t expect the style to be to your tastes, i would however like any views on stuff like eq, timing, instrumental balance etc

many thanks


I’ll check 'em out when I get home Tom. I loike a good Oirish jig. LOL…


1/2 of our CDs are Irish traditional. Wife’s heritage. Kids love it. :agree:

Do I have to sign up for the liveIreland website thing to hear the tune?

thanks tom and diogenes, you do not have to sign up to liveireland to hear stuff, view photos, chat, listen to the radio - i love the place

just scroll down the page to the music player and start up by clicking on the song you want to hear

radio is - trad irish 24/7 very few ads

cheers, tom

What are we listening to? Seems like there is all sorts of stuff. What is your stuff? Do you just have MP3s to listen to without the hoops?

Is this you?

Assuming yes… then not bad at all. It is hard to screw up traditional music as it mixes itself much of the time as over 500 years the tunes and instrumentation pretty much already worked out the EQ balance. I guess my initial reaction would simply be to perhaps add some more space and perhaps not pan quite so wide. Perhaps a tad more on the bass to give that really plucky “gooey” acoustic bass sound. Bodrhan is perhaps a bit “clicky”… I like more more of the “boom” in a bodrhan sound. What are you doing on “She moved through the fair” on the vocals? A ping pong delay as I hear it very loud in the left side and then it decays in the right? I love this sort of stuff.

In other news, Damien Rice rocks…

many thanks bubba

the lion sleeps tonight is an old song with contraversial ownership issues - wiritten in 1939 by solomon linda

er, what do you mean ‘without the hoops’?

she moves through the fair, n-reverb, one channel i set the early reflections way up this seems to me to give the sound space without muddying it up - is this a mistake do you think?

i recorded my vocal using an akg 1000 with no pop shield, very careful with my plosives, though some get through i think i like the intimacy it gives

all instruments on lion are by me except whistle by max gittings of birmingham, england

cheers, tom

ps - its a nice surprise to me that you guys like this stuff, very encouraging as we are a new band and hoping for better things than just gigging around the locality

thanks again for listening


I listened to most of the songs on that page… so my comments are in general.

As for the early reflections… I mean, it has a certain signature to it… but it is certainly lop sided as the left side is dominant. Perhaps a better balance between the two sides?

Oh, and use a pop shield. No reason not to. You are just asking for trouble.

From one Tom to another, Tom, that’s great.
I can’t hear well enough on the computer speakers to make any technical criticisms, at least, nothing jumps out.

edit: is the Lion at the right pitch for you? Seems like it might be just a tad high in your range - sounds a little strained…or is it just me?

I love Fair.

thanks tom

yes it does sound strained now you mention it, more likely to be too low, i’ll redo the vocal, ive had great results with the pitch shift in audacity so i may mess with that a bit to save rerecording everything


Oh no, don’t pitch shift it. You have a great voice, sing it! :)

ok i remixed ‘fair’, does that sound better bubba? i played with the settings a little - the chorus on the drone was ‘sterofied’ in a similar way

cheers, tom

I think it is better. The reverb is more balanced for sure… perhaps a bit too much in the right side now? It has a certain Clannad quality to it (Harry’s Game if you know the tune…) I forgot how much I like that band… eesh, a weekend of listening to Fuaim while I hang drywall is ahead.