Ted Greene RIP

Guitar great Ted Greene has passed on. His books have had a broad influence on many of the top guitarists in the world. His forte? Creative and thoughtful chordal movement. One of the best ever.

“It’s so difficult to move around on a guitar in the harmonic way one can do on a keyboard. I mean, it requires…it can’t be
done…except (snaps fingers) Ted Greene! (Whistles) This guy is really unbelievable. He’s the only guitar player who accomplishes this thing that really turns me on.”

- John McLaughlin (Musician Magazine; July 1982)

I still refer to his book “Chord Chemistry” every now and then.

My friends laugh when they see the book cause he looks like a big hairy hippy on he cover but it’s probably the chord book every guitarist should own…



Highly recommend album, Solo Guitar – very mellow, almost great music to work to. Only “almost”, though, because if you’re like me you’ll keep being astounded by a phrase here or passage there, and working to it didn’t quite “work” until I’d heard it a LOT of times!

I had a cassette, now long gone. Time to get the CD. I hadn’t been able to find it, though, probably because I forgot about the last “e”.

Truly amazing Telecaster work, with lots of open and closed string harmonics. When listening to his work, it’s hard to keep in mind that his guitar has only 6 strings.