Teen angst...

Check out this recording of a few of my high school students. This is a tune they wrote, played and sang. Unfortunately I had to record this on Reaper (since N-Track no longer works with my computers). But I think they did a nice job for 20 minutes work. Every year our high school records a CD of the high school musicians. This is just one of the cuts from this years CD.

Whaddaya think? Not bad for a couple of sub-20 folks…


Whaddooeye think? methinks lots of good things.

curious - what’s it called?

love the simplicity. really brings out the depth of the lyrics, which are really quite excellent. easy to find high school students who scratch out poems, especially in the depths of adolescent depression (re: yours truly). hard to find high school students who can write coherently and maturely (not re: yours truly).

did they record the vocals together or separately? piano/keys live or midi? all just curiosity’s sake.

I can absolutely hear a violin melody, drawn out and sweeping, ebbing and flowing throughout the song.

the hand percussion is a nice touch, and it’s in just the right space in the mix.

the female singer’s voice seems more mature than a typical teen’s. Is she trained?
Same with the male. Much more pitch control than one typically runs across.

IN SUMMATION, blah blah
I really enjoyed it. Each of the times I played it. Which was several. And will be several more. :agree:

Good stuff. Things have changed from the late 60’s when all we had in class was a Teac 2 track and one mike - We pulled off a great version of Green River though!

Tell them I’m impressed with it. (“Hey kids, some old fart on the internet liked your song.”) Writing is very good - melody is hauntingly simple - it works well.

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Apr. 17 2008, 10:44 PM)

curious - what's it called?

did they record the vocals together or separately?

piano/keys live or midi? all just curiosity's sake.

the hand percussion is a nice touch, and it's in just the right space in the mix.

the female singer's voice seems more mature than a typical teen's. Is she trained?
Same with the male.

1. 9 Crimes

2. They sang at the same time into separate mics.

3. The girl played a Casio Privia 310 direct into the board. It is the "Grand Piano" sample from the keyboard.

4. The boy played the small conga through the whole tune. I mixed it so that it came in later. It seemed like too much starting at the top.

5. The girl is quite talented (perfect pitch) with a clear beautiful voice. The boy also has a nice voice. Both sing with ease. Neither has any voice lessons. Actually, the girl was a guitar student of mine for about 3 years and during that time I did give her a few voice lessons, but nothing more than simple breathing and phrasing lessons. She comes by her talent all on her own.

I really love the music these kids produce. It is way too angst driven for me at that age, but I guess I was much more carefree when I thought the H-bomb could drop at any moment. These kids have to live through Bush... Just kidding.. sort of...


Beautiful listen Mike. The girl has a beautifully controlled voice without losing the emotion, kind of Candice Night meets Dolores O’Riordan.
Love the lyrics and the simplicity of the song. Even the Conga is just right.
Very nice piece, congratulations to them for the performance and you for the recording,


Very nice.

I think I would have added a base line and let it build to a larger sound with multiple voice tracks and then backed off at the end to complete as it did with simple voice and piano. But I think song has potential. I liked it very much. The casio i think has the features to complete this.

I just found out that the students did NOT write that tune. I’ll be handing out detentions later!!!



Sure. Irish guy, Damien Rice.


Not to hi-jack your thread, but on the subject of “Teenage Angst” I always think of this song co-written by singer Wayne Walsh and myself and produced by me in the early eighties.

Teenage Crisis

Not writing it does not take anything away from the performances.

Beat 'em within a lick of there lives then hit 'em again!

I hear you guys with all your Hi-speen internet connections…
Too bad I still have this modem-and-dialup…
If it were me, I wouldn’t hang out any detentions till they come up with their own creation that’ll blow the socks off http://www.mediamax.com/drguitar001/Hosted/9%20crimes.mp3 this recording…
Chain them to their computers-and-instruments…
Give them a time-limit, as well…