Temorary file storage in RAM??

Good Idea in N-track? with freezing??

Seems it would be pretty neat if N had the option of storing temporary files in RAM instead of on the hard drive. This would really be great for fast freezing and unfreezing instead of writing to the disk everytime you freeze. I have a lot of extra ram~500mb+. Seems like it may be a good idea to put it too use. :D
Any opinions?

You could try a ram disk if you are sure you have enough memory, depeding on what you are running. If it’s win 98 and you have >512 MB it shouldn’t be a problem… I wouldn’t bother with xp unless you had >1gig personally (leave 512 for the system and make a tmp dir out of the other 512).

After a quick google I found this. The top one’s website looked promising after I visited it. Just remeber a ram drive is erased when you turn your computer off!