How do you do it?

So, as I do more songs, I’m seeing a basic trend here. I EQ my voice the same, use the same basic effects, and alot of times, the same basic instruments (kick, snare, hi-hat, crash, bass, acoustic, piano, vox, etc.)

Rather than recreate everything from scratch, I’ve created a sort of template, where all the tracks are laid out in the same fashion–I simply open the template.sng and then save as to my project name and then add the outliers (strings on this song, percussion on that one, etc.)

Any one do it differently? Any improvments? Any chance this might be a feature down the road?

MAN, I love this program.

I don’t save templates as when I lay down the tracks I like to record with no fx loaded so that there is no plugin latency.

I have some plugin settings that I save as presets in individual plugins and I will load that preset when I load the plugin on the track. (eg. I usually always load the same compressor and eq on my guitar tracks and load a preset for each).

If I had all the fx loaded (especially SIR) then I would have a plugin latency that would mean I have to manually line up any recorded audio tracks to the tempo grid.

If I add tracks after I’ve started adding fx I"ll disable fx when I record the additional tracks.

Also I don’t know which tracks are going to need which effects… sometimes I’ll do 1 or 2 tracks for the guitar, sometimes 8 or 10!!! Depends on how often I stuff it up :)


Always On effects.

I’m with you…I would love this.

Normally when I record my band, we’ll put down 6 or 8 songs in a session. Then I go through each song and pan tracks here and there, put this eq on that, etc.
It would be great to be able to have a macro record button or something.