Tempo change

I can’t do it.

I would like to make a backing track just a bit slower and I’ve been using the tempo change feature in n-track without success. I can’t get any change at all. I obviously don’t know what i am doing, so if some one could run me through it I would be grateful.

If you have your backing track as wave files, you are out of luck. Sorry, byt you will have to record everything again in the tempo you want. You may pitch shift/frequency shift things around, but the result will not be good…

It should be possible to change the tempo of recorded midi tracks, however. That’s what the facility is there for. The n-Track manual has elaborate instructions regarding this, upon which I am unable to add anything to this unless you get more specific in what you want to be able to do.

regards, Nils

Thanks for your response Nils. I have a music track that I want to add vocals to but unfortunately the tempo is a bit too quick so I would like to slow it down a bit before adding vocals.Is this possible?
Regards Jerry.

Hi Jerry.

This is possible, but, alas, not in n-Track. However, there is a free audio editor available named Audacity which incorporates three functions; Change Pitch (altering the tonality of the source file), Change Speed (altering pitch and duration in a manner similar to an old-fashioned tape recorder), and Change Tempo (altering the duration but keeping the pitch - this trick may be what you want). Check out the documantation on the site.

These features are elaborate and rather computationally intensive and if you change your audio file more than a few percent it may end up sounding… - bad. That said, Audacity has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve, and, being free, it may well candidate as your favourite n-Track companion - for instance, it’s great for mastering, editinig and stuff like that.

Hope this (rather lenghty) answer helps you. Welcome to the world of digital audio.

regards, Nils

Thank you again Nils. Audacity did the job well.
Regards Jerry.