Tempo Fluctuation?

Augh! Frustration! deep breaths Ignoring the midi routing issue I brought up previously, I seem to be having some tempo issues. Kontakt 4, playing some percussion loops, the loops get out of sync. I’ve downloaded a couple demo versions of other DAWs, and I’m not seeing the problem. I just tested last night, though, with the latest (32bit, running on Win7/64bit) version of nTrack, and I happened to poke around in kontakt when I noticed that kontakt’s bpm meter is fluctuating between 120 (nTrack’s default) and 135 (tempo of my test song). Not happening in the other DAWs – kontakt reports 135bpm with no fluctuation at all. Has anyone seen this?

Every few years I demo all the major PC DAWs, and I keep rejecting them in favour of nTrack. I’m starting to get frustrated, though. =(

Hi aradia.
As far as I’m aware 120bpm is the industry standard. I’m not familliar with Kontakt but I can see that it is a sample player and I assume it runs as a a VST within a host prg (n-T etc).
I would be trying to determine the bpm of the loops.

Yes, it runs as a vst inside a host. The loops are beat-sliced.

Just a thought, make sure the “Current Time Speed” is x1.0 in n-track. Thats the little icon that looks like a stop watch in the top center of the screen. Right beside it on the right it should read x1.0