Tempo or signature changes crashes n-Track

Is this a known bug, or can anyone help?

Hello all and happy new year!

I have started using n-Track with a rock band today. Unfortunately I have had a day of system crashing. I believe this to be an n-Track issue, as this doesn´t happen with any other music software I am using.

I have spotted that the crash happens whenever the song has a tempo or signature change. It doesn´t happen when I mute the only midi track I have, that I use as a metronome with a VSTi drum machine.

I have tried with 2 different soundtracks and the problem keeps happening.

Any ideas?

Tempo changes work fine for me in v.05 build 1846.
Have tried a few later builds but all were buggy/crashy on my system so have stuck with this build which is super stable for me.
[edit] buggy/crashy in other more general aspects - not specifically tempo changes… never got far enough to try that out…[/edit]

The other day I did a tempo change and had Jamstix as my drum VSTi and the tempo change happens without any problem and Jamstix followed the tempo change ok.

what VSTi are you using?

I use tempo chages with the Fruity Loops VSTi and don’t have any problems on the latest build.


I tried recording a drum track from cakewalk that had a ritard at the end which, had n-track followed it like I had written it, it would have sounded great. But every time it came to that part it would jump to the lowest tempo change and ride it out the rest of the way at that tempo. NOT COOL!

I ended up having to let Cakewalk play it while n-track recorded it. This too seemed to have its problems, but I eventually got it done.

I initially tried using the latest beta version of n-track, but immediately had problems. I would much rather spend my time recording my music that fighting the gremlins in the program. I reverted back to the 4.1 version, and all (for the most part) is well.

my $.02


Are you progrmming the tempo chnage in n-track? or does the tempo value in n-ntrack stay the same the whole way through?

I can draw sudden jumps in tempo or gradual slopes and both will make the tempo in n-track change as per the lines I draw…