Terratec I/O question

Terratec EWS88MT

Hey, people of the “n”… I’ve gotten my ‘new’ (to me) Terratec card/breakout box installed, and am into my first assignment with it: Transferring a recording from my Tascam 788 into n-Track via the Terratec.

The thing: When I play the track from the 788 into n-Track, I hear the signal, and it’s shown on the Monitor indicator in the Record Meter. Wav file displays upon stopping Record, fine.

If I attempt to play back the recorded file, there is nothing. I can monitor Recording- but not Playback- from the software. (I’m using a Tascam M-30 to route my outgoing signal from n-Track>Terratec to the Fostex monitors and headphones. It’s a little scratchy, as the M-30 needs a servicing).

But there is obviously an issue between the software and the Terratec’s Mixer Panel that I’m not getting. I’m using the “ASIO for EWS88MT” in both the Recording and Playback Devices in n-Track’s Audio Devices- and not using any specific items, like ASIO EWS88MT 1; ASIO EWS88MT 2;…, and the Terratec Control Panel looks like I have the channels set properly.
I’m into 1/2 for both ins and outs on the breakout box and in the Control Panel. But- is there a procedure I should know about to get n-Track and this soundcard to communicate for ‘Playback’?

There are no pop-ups telling me there is a problem, or an assignment issue. I puzzle…

Also: I’m not so far able to get the S/PDIF out from the 788 to transfer to n-Track via the Terratec either.

I’ve now tried Direct Sound, WDM, MME, and ASIO. There is no signal to be heard on Playback. I can still see the meters going, but no sound.

Hey Sloom, I just replied you your private message. Just to reiterate, In the Phase88 control panel, on the Setup tab, in the signal routing section, make the Source for the PCI Out 1/2 as WavePlay 1/2. That should fix the problem. Let me know if it doesn’t solve it. I will try and check in once in awhile.

Got it- thanks Van. I’m off to worky now, but I’ll make sure that’s set correctly when I get home. I fear that it is… ???

Ain’t it aweful when work gets in the way??

There have been worse! Work I can get past. Later tonight I’ll post something relevant- I’m stopping in and running back out!

Allright! Yes! How much fun is that?! The Terratec works! I don’t know what I did differently, but I am such a space cadet that it’s surely something. “Waveplay” at the Source tab, on the Control Panel, is the one. Thought I’d already done it, guess not… :p

It appears that ‘getting away from it’ is a secret formula (for me) for solving problems; also the peer group at the n-Track Forum. Yes, indeedy, I am in motion. Thanks you guys, I am in the debt of the forum.

Vanclan, thank you for the help, man- and all of you guys, it has not been wasted. Super-cool. I can throw away my list of alternate solutions now- including re-vamping my PC!

I go now- to process a poetry reading for my neighbor. They have a writing group at their house, and a few times a year have “recitals”, the last of which I recorded. He’s waiting for it, so he can post some bits on his web-site. He’ll be very psyched.

Woooo! Thanks guys. :)

Glad you are in business Sloom. It’s awesome that another n-Tracker has a Terratec card and could (and was willing) to come to the rescue. :)


Hey man, I’m just glad I could help for once. Most of the time I just read and learn from everyone else here.

Quote (Diogenes @ Feb. 24 2006,20:47)
Glad you are in business Sloom. It's awesome that another n-Tracker has a Terratec card and could (and was willing) to come to the rescue. :)


Thanks, Dioge. Yep, agreed. Somebody had the rope and threw it in! Very cool indeed.

And it just goes to show you, that if you yell long enough, and loud enough, someone'll come along and help to quiet your ass down! :laugh:

Thanks to the Van man.