Texas is no longer going to fund public school?

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How do they fund public school in your state? Is this the way the republicans want to stop public schools?


Well, it seems like a pretty fair system to me. Those with the highest value properties contribute more towards general education.
Our system in the UK is, typically for us, a rather confused affair.
Our state schools (US equiv. public schools) are funded from general taxation.
However, individual schools can opt to receive the funds directly, or via their local education authority.
Directly funded schools receive a payment per pupil (the government decides how much)
Schools which opt to be funded by the local education authority receive a grant. The amount of the grant is agreed with the L.E.A and may be higher than the government figure.
Either way, it is generally agreed that funding of schools is inadequate.



shouldn’t have said what I said…


It’s property tax based here… Crappy schools in poor neighborhoods stay underfunded and… well, crappy, and those in the latest big money development have high wire acts, food courts, and pass proficiency tests. A real chicken and egg problem though… How do you make poor schoold perform better if they can’t attract the talent. Though, poorer neighborhoods also tend to have parents that aren’t involved which is a big factor in a child succeeding. But how is a kid to get a chance when sharing a text book with 5 other kids. Quite the conundrum.

For starters they can cut the funds even more for the poorer schools that underperform…

…hmmm wasn’t that an idea that some group proposed?

(I hope you all see the sarcasm that just dripped all of the floor of my office.)

Around here it is property tax, gas tax, tobacco tax, breath tax… et al… Schools here are NOT under funded IMO. Especially when you see the rampant WASTE that goes on. It ALL depends on the school board and who the Superintendent is currently in office. The city system is kinda mediocre at the moment IMO. The county system is run by a good man but he subscribes a little too much to the good ol’ boy network. Job qualifications? Got any kin folk workin’ here boy?



Though, poorer neighborhoods also tend to have parents that aren’t involved which is a big factor in a child succeeding.

This is the most important part of it all. If you have to work two jobs as a single parent, and have to take your kid into before school care and leave him or her in after school care, and still aren’t making ends meet, then an enriched home environment just isn’t going to happen.

Also, poor districts tend to have very high student/teacher ratios, higher rates of chilkd misbehavior due to undiagnosed and or untreated behavioral conditions, and so on. It really isn’t about having computers, or the latest gimmicks, however, since all that really is needed are some books, paper, pencils, and a lot of creativity.

For what it’s worth, Flint schools are among the poorest in the nation, and generally underperform, but there are some success stories, include the school my kids go to. Poor, old facilities, under funded, but amazingly brilliant and committed teachers.

Personally I don’t see much waste in public schools, not here. I do see great inequality between the wealthy and the poor in this area. Think thrid world facilities vs. the newest and best, with 5 miles of each other. Oh, and the poor schools around here are 80-95% black. Go figure.

Here’s data on our kids’ school:



amazingly brilliant and committed teachers.

That’s cool Tom. Your kids are lucky. Those type teachers are few and far between around here…