Thank you bruffie!

If I Go redux

Ian was kind enough to serve up a plate of tasty vocals for my little song “If I Go”. After some mixing work, it came out like this. Any comments or suggestions are welcome, of course. If you like the vocal, let Ian know - we should always encourage talent!

'til later;


Any comments or suggestions are welcome, of course.

Just my opinion here......... the mix is not "there" yet. Foundation is somewhat "small" to support the rest of the layers - the foundation being the rhythm tracks and bass. The kick is great but it makes me want to push the snare fader up to match it's level. The hi-hat too a tad. Maybe this would make the guitars not seem so loud, otherwise I would bring them down about 2-3 db during the vocals. The acoustic being part of the foundation is getting lost past the intro also except where it leads into the 4 and 5 chord changes.
Vocals just can't compete with all that's going on.
That's all I got. All the elements are there though.
You might also think of "coloring" one of the lead electrics a bit for texture in the mix.

I tried to like it but the mix was dry as sand and the vocals sounded like a weasel singing in a tin can.

flanders, 'dry as sand? OK; I have a real bad habit of slathering reverbs all over my stuff, and I guess I may have rolled a little too far the other way here, so I'll take that as a friendly comment; but I can't tell about the 'weasel in a tin can. Do you mean his voice, or the way it is recorded and processed? There’s not much I can do about the former, but the latter is always fixable. Have you listened to any of Ian’s other singing that sounded good to you? Maybe I can study the effects chains from those songs, and make things better?

Poppa, thanks for the specificity of your pointers. I never was happy with the drum balance, and I may have gone too far pulling the snare and hat back, for sure. I think I can fix these things with a little more work. Might be a good time to practice my volume automations, eh?

'til next time;
tony w

Oops; I guess I fed the troll…