Thank You Everyone  !


Hi Guys :D

I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the help over the last 2 years. This is a wonderfully usefull forum full of intelligent and friendly folks that are happy to help when asked.

I am delighted that I am finally able to produce nice quality recordings that sound professional. Man, it is one heck of a learning curve for sure and I could not have done it without the help I recieved here.

I think that the single most important thing I have found that it takes for me to get good recordings is to make sure that i get the hottest possible signal to disk without clipping.

I finally went and bought a hardware compressor that had presets for acoustic instruments, vocals, electric bass, electric guitar, percussion, etc, etc,

Holy Cow what a difference, much fuller and richer tracks. I find that my EQ, reverb, delay twiddling time has been greatly reduced. The tracks sound so much better to start with that I don’t have a whole lotta sweetening left to do.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone and happy tracking.


Hi Ted Roberts:
I agree… Nice post…

There’s a bunch of clever guys around here… They are all willing to help out and let you know what they think on any audio related subject matter… from writing through to post production… If you got a question they know the answer or know where to look for the answer… If you got trouble with your DAW or the audio hardware they’ll tell you what they think will fix it or suggest what to do to make your audio expirence better…

It’s a good place to keep pace with the daily news, as well… Just make it your browser’s alternate Home Page… :laugh:


That may be an alternative for me too, which model did you get?

Hi Guys :D

Hi Wox, it was great to hear from you. Did you get your PC problems all straightened out ?

It’s been awhile since I have been on the forum here, but I remember that you were having some problems a couple of months ago or so. Hope that’s all better now, and best of luck to you :)

Hi Sinbad :)

The unit I bought was the Samsom C com 16. They go for about $ 70 US and you get a whole lot for your $ 70 I can assure you.

I think Focusrite and TL Audio offer hardware compressors with presets also. They may also be excellent, I haven’t tried them, so I can’t say.

Anyway the reviews that I have read on the Samson have all been good, including the one from Sound on Sound recording magazine.

I hope that helps you out, it sure has saved me alot of time in the recording room.

Take Care Guys :)


Hi Ted:
It’s nice to have a couple of … they are called “Front-end” chains…

For every Front-end chain you have you have to have a “repro” Chain to support it…

A drawer full of nice mics… A couple of good preamps. and a good EQ. along with a compressor/limiter/expander and a good effects unit-or-two… If you are gonna invest in some front-ends they could run maybe, a couple of grand each… But nothing is cheap, these days… Once you have them your tracks will always be technically, pristine… And your right… The better they are recorded the less you need to do with them, in the mix… That’s what I think…

I seem to have continuing issues with these computers… I had maxtor hard drives that failed… They became difficult/slow to spin up at boot time. and became not readable at all… I am slowly getting out of them and going to W/D Drives. I don’t think there’s much difference between the two… They both run “Hot”… anything that creates heat eventually fails.

I’m in the middle of switching over to XP… That hurts…

Then I had a Mainboard failure… with a P-4 DAW… That even hurt more… It appears I am continually having issues with these computers… Once you have a failure, it seems to take so long to work up a replacement and get back into operation… It seems like forever sense I last tracked with a DAW… It’s difficult tracking when you have to deal with technical issues… It’s tough on the creativity… Here, I only use n-Track as the multi-track editor… And now we’re into working up v5… V5 appears to be working pretty good… so far… There appears to be an issue getting VST rev. 2.4 plugins working with v5 But that was there in the earlier builds, as well… All that stuff is only minor… Small details… well, for the programmers…

I find, the less I worry about DAW’s… The better off I am…

I have to make this break from '98SE… once and for all…

Thanks to Flavio… He’s still supporting '98SE… And… Thank you Flavio, from me…