Thankful for n-track

Just sent in our band’s first home recorded CD to be pressed. It was recorded in my livingroom on n-track. My master sounds very decent to my ears. I’ve got a lot to learn, because there is a bit of hiss on some tracks. Also my mixdown was limited by my limited computer RAM. All in all though I’m very happy with the CD and very thankful for n-track. It has brought me to a whole new level of enjoyment of music and new level of musicianship even after playing out in the bars for 30 years.
Long live n-track and this helpful forum.

there is a bit of hiss on some tracks

When I get that, I use Goldwave (but I guess most wave editors are the same). I can select a little sample of hiss to clipboard and then use the de-noise filter using the clipboard sample. Result - hiss disappears. I know some say this leaves artifacts in the main signal, and I'm sure it does. But I can't hear them!


John, I’ve been singing that same tune for 5 or 6 years now! :) Just imagine if we’d had this sort of thing, in say, 1979… :D

some say this leaves artifacts in the main signal

Speaking of artifacts. The first time I wanted to remove some hiss after recording from the 4 track cassette player into ntrack, I used cooledit96 to get rid of the hiss. It worked perfectly, using the procedure maaszy talks about. Since then, every time I have tried it with any software, cooledit96, Goldwave, whatever, I get the artifacts. Wish I knew what I did right the first time.

I think if you set the noise filter too high to pick up the hiss…there WILL be some colorization to the signal. Id say set the level at maybe 30-40%…if its any higher…I would probably find a way to knock off the source of the hiss as much as possible before commiting to the wave editor. Digital can only do so much.