Thanks !  :)

To all the helpful people here

Hello Everyone :)

I was reading some posts here today and it struck me once again how incredibly helpful and friendly the people on this forum are.
It takes time to respond to a post in a knowledgeable, careful, well considered manner and I think that the people that are doing this here should be commended for their efforts.
I know this forum has helped me many times and I have now reached the point where I am able to make pro level recordings in my own bedroom. This is very rewarding and satisfying to me and i know that it is due in part to the excellent help I have recieved here.

So, once again, Thank You so much everyone !


Ted Roberts

Hi Ted, and everyone else

I’d like to echo your thanks. I’ve been hanging around here for 5 or 6 years and I have learnt so much along the way.

Cheers guys for making this a fun “virtual” place to be.


Hi Everyone:
Same Here…

If I only possessed the ability to grasp all that is written to this Board…

I don’t think I would be as frustrated with the DAW issues I have right now…

I’m hopeing IT’s gonna get better… :O ??? :laugh:


here i still sit with my ol compaq machine,runnin 98 se,with a version of 3.3 ntrack,able to record at least an 8 track tune with fx before she’ll start to slow up on me,no crashes of any kind ,tell me what other program is gonna do that for me ata price a guy that lives in the woods can afford
then where can ya find a network of help an info like ya do here at the forum,maybe there are others,but i found mine years ago with n track…why bother with anything else,
thanks to flavio an my n track bro’s!{and sisters}