Thanks nTrack for the output volume fix

Shifting from Windows MP to nTrack Vu

It might be my imagination, but; I think something special happened to the Vu output volume when switching from nTrack playback to Windows Media Player 11. Used to be that the nTrack volume was so high that I would really have to significantly turn down the volume on the mixing board to hear playback or it would rock the apartment complex instantly. Seems like a small trivial thing…and some might feel frustrated at this but I don’t, that fix [if it’s not my imagination] is a very valuable one. The recording/mixing levels stay unaffected. Has anyone else noticed this, or, is it a planed thing? Geniuses are at play here I think.
Hoorah! :D

Well I found the answer to my own question and it probably shows that I off how much I have to learn… the reason for the sound offset is in the driver I’m using. It seems and I just now found this out that different drivers output different ranges of volume. Windows Media Player 11 uses the default MME driver and if the mixing board isn’t turned on at startup [of nTrack] then nTrack picks up the same driver, the MME and therefore the output signal is the same to the mains on the mixer. My mixer is a Phonic FireWire type so the FireWire explains why the record and Vu metters remain with the same signals. Hope this helps somebody. ???

You Know:

When we hang around this Board we learn at a fantastic rate of speed…
I’m only now discovering issues that many of these guys reported years ago…
If I could only remember what they did to resolve their issues when they first reported them…

maybe, one day…
I’ll learn all about this stuff…
Do you think… ????


Go plug a bass in. :whistle:

This one of the things I absolutely LOVE about my EMU1820M card. I use the ASIO driver for my DAW app (Reaper,n-Track etc…) and have the WDM driver in use for Adobe Audition, WMP, VLC Media Player etc… This let’s me use Audition as my Wave Editor and not worry about driver conflicts with n or Reap. There’s even a separate volume control in PatchMix for the ASIO and WAVE Out (WDM) driver.

I’ll cry when this thing dies… it is so cool to use…


Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Aug. 31 2008, 9:38 PM)

Go plug a bass in. :whistle:

:laugh: With a drum track!