a thank you

thanx for making ntrack, its a really good recording program. 7 is alot better than 5, which i used to use. Pretty good interface. After an hour of clicking and scrolling. can pretty much do what i need to now.

This forum is also really good, i managed to get help with a few things last week. I imagine without it i’d still be pulling my hair out.

I made a start on a track or 2. when i finished them off, i’ll post them up.

I started doing experimental grunge, alternative rock. But started messing round with drum machines and synths, so blending the 2. Which is quite interesting. From electro, dance to i suppose hip hoppy stuff. Sometimes almost poppyish, sometimes noisey/dirty and messy. Chilled or hectic.

Anyway, i better get back to it after having a few days off, time to plug in and play

Enjoy. I listen forward to hearing your stuff.

and I listen backwards to hearing it! ???