That's not a Flip Flop!

These movies are all lies my friends

More lies my friends !!! More Right Wing smears !!!

Osama is not pleased :angry:

Video - That’s not a Flip Flop !

Infidels, there are even more lies here my friends…
Scary John Kerry

Infidels, the great and holy Osama has told me we need another propaganda movie
from the Bloated One. Uncle Ackbar is contacting Dan Rather and C-BS to see if they
have more forged documents. (someone check Sandy Burgers underwear !)

Remember infidels,
if your against the Iraq war … kerry is your man
if your for the Iraq war … kerry is your man
if you never heard of Iraq … kerry is your man

Ali bin Gali :cool:

Oh, and will someone explain to Bill what a “Swing” State is … :D