That "Key-Stroke" idea comes up again


Just for my own curiosity (and I’ve brought this up before but don’t really recall the outcome): Is there anyone else who’d like to see more in the way of PC keypad strokes tied to UI functions? Like ‘Key Bindings’ in Sonar, “Keyboard Shortcuts” in Cool Edit?

Or is this generally considered superfluous? ???

And am I generally considered redundant again…? :p

Since I use a laptop, I wouldn’t use it. However, it’s an excellent suggestion. For one thing, you can get USB keypads, and that might make a terrific little remote transport control!

I suggest you enter this suggestion in the Wiki. It’s a good one, and probably a relatively easy one.


Allright then! Good idea.

I tell you what: I don’t think I have the time top get into learning about the wiki… I’m beleaugered with stuff to do- and besides, I can hardly type- it’s just a tad annoying as it is! But here’s what I am talking about, and I’ll email this to Flavio also:

I mean to describe a layout, with individual or combination keystrokes in one column, and User-Interface commands in another column.

The simple version is to highlight a UI command, then, while pressing ctrl, highlight a keystroke you would like to correspond to that UI command.

The highlit pair- UI command and chosen keystroke- appear in a little window, and you’d have to hit “OK” to save the key-command. The keystroke would then appear next to the UI command in it’s column.

Sonar has such a feature, as does Cool Edit Pro (the better and more complete of the two in this regard). This kind of thing cuts out a lot of mousing, and you can customize the program’s flow for how you like to work. And there would be a command for nearly every one-step function in n-Track, including:
Zoom functions
File, Edit, Transport functions
View-related fuctions

If you had every function in the list, then of course you couldn’t have a keystroke for everything- but you’d have a ton of choices to create a totally configurable control surface in your keyboard.

Thinking about it, this idea might answer to a lot of other feature requests I’ve been hearing. Not sure… but creating a custom configuration for getting to- or through- various processes might be just the ticket for lots of users. You’d be slamming through the tedious parts of whatever you do, and efficiently get on with the parts of recording you really dig.

I’d bet users’d see their productivity, maybe creativity, substantially increase.

whatever happened with this Flav?

I could give you an open source code you might be able to use as an add/on if need be.


is there something I am missing? is this already a feature in newer builds?

Even Audicity does this, and it doesn’t even play Midi. :laugh:


Quote: (dontcare @ Dec. 31 2011, 9:53 AM)

is there something I am missing? is this already a feature in newer builds?

Even Audicity does this, and it doesn't even play Midi.


n-Track has keyboard shortcuts for many functions (including zooming, editing etc.), but it doesn't currently have a window that lets you customize those shortcuts.
It has been on the to-do list for a while, but it's not high priority because I always find that although it looks nice to be able to customize shortcuts, most people rarely do that, or maybe they do once then when they reinstall or switch computer they leave the default shortcuts.
I'll try to squeeze the feature in for version 7. And if you find some command that lacks a shortcut please let me know.


Do you have a listof what these Keystroke shortcuts are? or a tab inside Ntrack to look at them?

I, like many others whom have posted are having a hard time finding them.

I am however able to find the area where MIDI messages can be used as shortcuts, for play, stop etc etc)???

With the advent of Ableton/Logic and other Live loop based Midi programs, keystroke shortcuts (that can be triggered by pedals) are becoming all the rage, maybe a little less rare than they used to be.

I’,m not worried about changing the shortcuts (I have Bome’s) I just need to know what those keystrokes in Ntrack are.


Typing the word “Keystrokes” in the FAQ area of this site yielded zero results.

dontcare :cool:

Did another search in FAQ for “keyboard shortcuts” and nothing relevant again.

However, with a google advance search I did find this, ironically on this site:

LIST of Keyboard Shortcuts

mystery solved scooby.

dontcare :agree:

Quote: (dontcare @ Jan. 01 2012, 6:00 PM)

Did another search in FAQ for "keyboard shortcuts" and nothing relevant again.

However, with a google advance search I did find this, ironically on this site:

LIST of Keyboard Shortcuts

mystery solved scooby.


It should be in the Faq, I've just added an entry in the Faq that points to the manual.


about the manual…it could use a bit of updating if the change log is any indication.

For example:

Shift Left/Right cursor to change playback speed

is relatively new (July?) and is not listed yet.

dontcare :cool:

Mmmm, tastes censory.


the worst part about it was the "space" bar being used for play function.

If anyone has ever tried to program an autohotkey script they know what I mean, SPACE is not the final

And what's up with the F12 for pause? it's almost like the was no planning or logic/order to the first few assignments, eg. play-a, record-b, pause-c, and so on and so forth....since you can't change the mapping inside N...

i know, I know bubba, R does that! lol

keep shinin

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Quote: (dontcare @ Jan. 10 2012, 8:40 PM)

i know, I know bubba, R does that! lol

I never said that... or did I?

maybe not here

but I’m sure it does…(allow mapping/changing of keystroke assignments)… :p

dontcare :cool:

I did say that… the censor police just deleted the post.

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr :laugh:

dontcare :cool:

WARNING: the link that Dontcare posted is to the whole manual - everyone else may have known that - I didn’t, and I printed 56 pages before I noticed what I had done. I think I am getting OLD . . . :angry: