The dangers of a LIVE GIG

You MUST watch this to the end:



That’s just wrong… and I’m sad to say I laughed until my stomach hurt…

I hope the guy lived.

Quote (jeremysdemo @ Oct. 25 2006,11:29)
I hope the guy lived.

Why? Did you really like that music? :)


No but it looks like a bad way to go! :;):

I mean talk about all choked up! :p

There’s a sound font you don’t hear every day.

keep shinin’

jerm :cool:

Don’t worry. It looked like a Shure SM58… it’ll be fine. OH! You mean the singer… yeah I hope he got cleared up before it was too late. Chances are, he just had to breathe through his nose until the paramedics could get the ball of the mic past his tonsils and uvula. If not… it was tracheotomy time…