the drums play till infinite!! how to stop it?

hi guys, i need your help!!
i use fasoft ntrack v6!! i’m only a beginner!!

i used the very useful guida for the use of the drums in the software i found in this forum!!

firstly, tnx to the writer of the guide!!

i just don’t know how to stop the drums when recording!! even if the drums sequence is 1 minute only, the drums keep playing till i don’t stop the recording!! till infinite!!

how i can limit the sound of the drums only to the time i need it??

Hi salmonella87:

I’m not a Drum user yet…
or a MIDI user…
However, I believe, in the preferences> Midi, you’ll find a box there to put a check-mark to stop the Drums at the end of the song…
something to that effect…

I’m sure the Midi users will have a answer for you.


Hi. What you’ve got, is both a sound module and a sequencer.
Open n-T Drums. In the bottom left are two buttons - each turns them off/on respectively. You’'ll crack it.

thank you tonyr, i resolved the problem thanks to your advice!!
i just need another step!!

using nt drums, after having completed the 8 sequences of the letter A, is it possible to pass to letter B and then C, D and others???

how can i make a sequence like this: A-1,A-2,A-3,A-4,A-5,A-6,A-7,A-8,B-1,…,C-1,…




If you right click ‘A’ a dropdown gives you the option to copy to B C D etc.

i saw what you say. but when playing, the B sequences don’t follow the A ones!!

You can go two+ ways from here.
a) Select the patterns in the order you would like and drag them one at a time into a midi track assigned to channel 10 as in the tutorial (remembering to switch off the sequencer).
b) Create a midi track assigned to channel 16, placing events, to switch patterns. I’ve not had much luck with this method.