The End - Tree EP

i have finished some songs recorded at home, and i want that you can listen to the songs. I have no idea about mixing and/or producing but my friends like the final result.
you can find the songs here:

and tell me what you think about the songs… :)

listened to the the first two songs on that page. i really like your voice and the songwriting style.

can i offer a few suggestions on the mix?.. the drums are really masked by everything else (all i can hear clearly are cymbals). try this: bring the kick and snare up quite a bit. eq out some of the low end on the distorted guitars, and it should make drums and bass guitar a little more distinctive in the mix. after you do this, you might find the vocals can be brought down as well.

it also sounds like you have tuning issues with the guitars… i can’t quite put my finger on where… they’re either not in tune with eachother or there are intonation problems that come out in certain chords… or maybe you’re going for that popular grungy detuned guitar sound :p

i’m hearing alot of crackling throughout… sounds like something resulting from the mastering of the entire track. what is your process for making the tracks louder?

thanks for the advices.

my recording method:

1.make drums&bass with samples…
2.plug the guitar, and record the guitar.
3.record the voice. and give to the voice some plugings.

maybe the next time i record the songs more professionally, but the first idea was to record songs to give to my friends, so we can rent a local, and then rehearse the songs there.(sorry my english, i’m lookin to a dictionary now).

the next songs i’ll look to the mix more…