The Evangelical Stock broker

Funny FOX news story

I go to the Y at noon to work out 3 days a week. Pretty much the same crew is there each of those days. There is one guy, an Evangelical stock broker, who has to watch FOX news while he’s using the Elliptical trainer. I’ve seen him go away of his way to change the channel if someone is watchin, heaven forbid, CNN.

Well today he couldn’t find the remote so instead of working out with his buddies, he went into the bicycle room where he was able to find a remote & change the channel to FOX.

Even more funny, while he works out, he’s reading the Wall Street Journal anyways, so the TV is just back ground noise.

Sorry but I just think this is funny :laugh:

what does being an evangelical stockbroker have to do with it?

if he was an atheist social worker and watched(listened) to CNN while reading the NY Times, would that be funny too?

Anyway, back to curry.

Undoubtably the best food on the planet, and the British version is the bestest of the bestest. :D

Mind you, I’ve heard that they’re starting to get the hang of it in India! :;):


I am off to London in a couple weeks…all they ever feed me when I am there is curry. Ouch, mommy, it hurts.

Figure it out Clark. :p

so, no, that wouldn’t be funny to you?

Yup Clark, a good Vindaloo is a meal that you “enjoy” at least twice! lol


EDIT: Which is two times more than Toke’s posts! :laugh:

It fell out of my burnin’ ring of fire…

And for the record, yes, that would indeed be funny too… just like a hippie driving a car with no emissions gear on it and a right wing suit type eating tofurky. My little stereo typed world of black and white us and them is slowly crumbling around me… Thank goodness for the white evangelical stock broker watching FOX and the black guy robbing a convenient store to keep my little world in balance.

Though, my evangelical friend loves Family Guy. I’ll have to send him to proper suburban evangelical training to beat it out of him.

Sorry. Just tired of all the crap. Now, back to curry. I am more of a saag man myself, especially with cashews and cream…


white evangelical stock broker

How did you know he was white - I didn’t say that? ???

Didn’t say you did. That’s my stereo type… get your own. Err I mean, I knew he was white because of my psychic abilities.

I’m not surprised Bubba, watching Family Guy would depress anyone.

Honestly, I really don’t see the humour. :(

I love the Simpsons, well, the early ones anyway; I think it’s getting a wee bit tired these days.

King of the Hill I usually enjoy.

And I’d argue that Southpark is the best import show on TV.

But Family Guy? Sorry, just don’t see the humour. :(


Edit: Ah Saag, a good meat and spinach curry.

Which explains why Popeye was pop-eyed! :D

Hey Soul -dude. Gimme your definition of “evangelical”. You seem to throw that word around a lot. What does it mean to you? I have a feeling it has become a “buzzword” and I’m curious. ???


You’re right - he is white. :laugh:

Quote (gtr4him @ Nov. 02 2005,16:10)
I have a feeling it has become a “buzzword” and I’m curious. ???

Ding! Same as bleeding heart, liberal, bias, hate monger… I motion that we move to ideologue and carbunkle as our to new buzzwords of the the day. (Cool, buzzword IS a buzzword.)

/decidely below the belt, removed.

I’ll second that carbunkle… err motion!

So what does it mean Soul-man?



/decidely below the belt, removed.

AWWW! Come on Bubba! We’re all grown idealogues here! Out wif it! :)

I do throw the word “evangelical” around alot & I’m sorry if I get it wrong sometimes. Evangelical or Fundamentalist - I can’t distinguish between the two.

This white stock broker who reads the WSJ while he exercises to FOX news goes to a church with Evangelical in it’s name (I think).

No, it was low… like really low. Ashamedly low.

And what’s wrong with low I ask you? Snakes have rights too! The right to be shoes AND belts.

Hey, Ali, do they dub those shows for you? I mean, do you talk American over there and can understand what they say in them shows?

Buzzwords??? I keep hearing the word Hippie!

Bubbagump, did you grow up in that era? Just curious as I don’t know the background of you guys yet.

Wanna see what an evangelical is? Go to and log into their offtopic forum. Post ANY of the topics you guys talk about here. You will see that definition come alive. It is not to be believed. Using those guys as a basis of the definition it would equal assholes. Watch a guy named Mac implode. They will accuse you of everything and anything and when you defend yourself they’ll cry to the webmaster to ban you. Great fun on a slow day.