The forever question

16 bits, 24 bits, 48K, 96K, etc…

I have this small excel application that maybe can help to see the influence of this parameters, for the production phase and final product.
Feel free to download, test, maybe do some improvement, etc.
Hope it helps:

Your link doesn’t work. I’m getting a 403 which means the permissions are not right for the file.

I tried a few minuts ago and received a 403 but now apparently is working

The first time that I´m accessing the page I receive a 403 but if I press the refresh button it works.

I can’t get it by ‘save link to disk’ or clicking on it… even with refresh.

Sounds like it’s something that I need to see… so please let me know if you can get it other folks.

Or if anyone would care to send it to:

That would be really cool.

Cheers :)

Hi Mark,
I will try to put in another site, but I sent one e-mail to you with the file attached ok?

I’ll put it on if you want.

Zip it up and send it to me using the Mail button. That will send it to my msn address. Don’t send it unzipped or my firewall will nuke it as an unsafe attachment.

Thank you very much Phoo.
I´ve just sent the zip file.