The Grand Canyon,or is it the smokies?!?

Sitting at an internet cafe’ near the Grand Canyon. THere are fires all around the canyon so the viewing was only 75%, but the 75% I could see was great. Stopped by the meteor crater on the way here. That was also very cool. They say it was caused by an unusually large dump from Jerm… that’s what they say!?! The crater is a mile across, big enough for Ali’s butt to fit.

Can you tell that I am starting to relax?

Maybe it is just the high elevation talking. It’s funny, when you live at 500 feet above sea level and spend a week at 7000 feet elevation, you get a little light headed. Considering my skull is over-weight (fathead?), a little light-headedness is a good thing.

Well, just checking in… got 6 more weeks of vacation to enjoy and explore this huge country. The 82 diesel winnebago is hanging in there (with duct tape and gum).

Take care all,


Why! Mike! I didn’t know you cared! LOL

Anyway, glad to hear you’re chilling out. :)

As you can see, it’s the same old crap in here, but as you’ve discovered, this is all just a (relative) pile of crap. :D

Next stop, the Rockies. The camp site just outside Silverton, 12,000 ft.

If you can hammer in 4 tent pegs in a row, you can have my cardiogram badge of the month award! :p

Anyway, did you stop at the Flintstones thingy between Williams and the GC?

Pissed in the GC yet? Americans get sort of funny when you do it, but, buggrit, what’s the point of going otherwise! :D


Dr Guitar, I recently spent a few weeks in Colorado and noticed just how much more buzzed you get from a coupla beers up there in the thin air. A very cheap night out…

pee in the GC? Really?

Hey Dr., glad you’re having a great time, just yell all our names in the canyon for the great big echo! Oh, and record it while yer at it!

Quote (YazMiester @ July 13 2005,14:40)
Oh, and record it while yer at it!

Make a SIR impulse ?


Enjoy it !


pee in the GC? Really?

Don’t tell me you were never tempted Clark? ???

I suppose it’s a Tom cat thing…“OK, this is mine now” LOL

Well Tank, around here we piss on the fire, call in the dogs, and head on back to Bowlegs.

The ol’ marking the territory, try doing that on yer woman and see what happens. ???

Piss on the fire?

Over here we put chestnuts on the fire, much nicer aroma I’m sure.

As for territorial marking of one’s woman; I’ll leave that experiment to someone else. :)

Ali Chickenshit. :D

OK, tried marking the ol’ territory last night here at the house, slept in truck!

Oh the mentallity of beer.

One huge black eyed Yaz! :p

Ali, are you in the states now? If you are, maybe we can collide and drink a beer…

As far as peeing in the GC, I did that 20 years ago. I stood at the south rim and tried my best to fill it. I think it all evaporated before hitting bottom.

This time I stopped at the Flintstones campsite and peed on Fred… j/k. I did pee into the GC 20 years ago though.

Take care all,