the guitar

how to do you do to the guitar for songs? i need to know how to guitar in the ntrack? can sumone teech me to guitar? whre do you put the cable to do the guitar in ntrack him needing to know. plus before or after amp? srry my egnlish

Hi Horace Frankendingle:

You need an active direct box or better still a guitar amp and a mic connected to a mic preamp then connect the mic preamp to the line input of your sound card of your computer to track your guitar…

There are other ways to track a guitar, however, they all require lots of experimenting and practice to get it technically correct…

Keep working at it…
You’ll get it…


Horace, your English is better than that used by some others around here, e.g., flanders, so don’t worry about it.

First, you need to make a DI box.
These have to be made out of vintage components taken from old reel to reel decks,
I own the stuff you want, and it’s really hard to find, and so since it’s a holiday you can have some of the important
and hard to find parts, for just 50 USA dollars.
E.g., I have special bakelite knobs that really make things sound better.
Also some heavy wooden knobs that, by their mass, add weight to the sound.
These are really really extra special rare, made by a hermit in a private forest from which he harvests the wood himself in northern Michigan.
Now, as for resistors, I recommend that you use small children, since they resist pretty much anything they don’t want to do.
If you are squeamish then you can substitute the drummer’s charts from old songs you wrote back in the 80s or 90s - retro metal stuff works best b/c it tends to be drenched in 'verb, which is really thick and hard to pass a signal through. Oh, well, there are hundreds of things you need to know, but you can always buy my book “100s of Things You Need to Know” from me directly by sending a dollar per thing to my agent:

Hugh Jass
742 Evergreen Terrace
Springfield, USA

If you just want the wooden knobs and are willing to pay a bit more, check here:

Hi Bill!

TomS it is in the posibility of the wood knob to adding him a much much deep resnance to already like a deep deep tone of woody Les Paul guitar. i very much am liking it in an idear to benefical to the ntrack guitar recording.

Oh, I dunno, Horace, to quote another Horace, that strikes me as amabilis insania.


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Like your name :agree:

Do you mean “Funny, like Horace’s name” or “I like your name, Horace Frankendingle”?

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