The Landing

new music from ur old pal LordTerrin :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I wonder how many people on this board I still know. :D I have been away from the n-track boards for a while, but I’m back with a new track… it’s called The Landing. I hope you all like it. Any feedback I’d really appreciate it.

The Landing

The Landing

You run, you run, sometimes things can come unglued
when there’s a shadow hanging over you
and you’re scared
there’s things I wish that I had said
things I wish that you had learned
but it’s older now and that’s the way it turns

you’re always one step higher, one step closer
to the anticipation of things you hoped for
but they never come, and you sink back inside
would you learn to let go, trust me to show you
is there anything that you aspire to hope for
watch now love, oh love

I wanted for you to finally believe this is true
in the sun and the stars and the moon - I see you
There’s things I know that you believe
and it’s a problem getting the ground to touch your feet
but even life can be unpredictable at times

you’re always one step higher, one step closer to the
anticipation of things you hoped for
but they never come, and you sink back inside
would you learn to let go, trust me to show you
is there anything that you aspire to hope for
watch now love, oh love

And every time you want to say that
nothing seems to go your way
you can sit back and pretend that everything is not okay
where you gonna go?
where you gonna go?
where you gonna fly away to?
life can be so cruel, life can be so cruel, oh to you

It’s good to be back!


Hey, Brian !

Welcome back.

Ever since that cover you did of ‘I can only imagine’ I’ve been sitting up and noticing your songs. That was the song that got me interested to give it a listen, and then I discovered your own songs as well.

I’m downloading now, and will post again to comment.

So (apart from creating a new tune), what’s our former moderator/counting crowish sounding old friend been up to in the time gone ?

Regards !


Hah! You remember me being the moderator… well I had a lot of free time and I really wanted to help people get their music up. I wish I had that kind of free time now… I gotta find that cover of i can only imagine somewhere… I lost a lot of my files in 2004… my hard drive crashed and all of my “original” works were lost… I was REALLY bummed about that. I have most of them as mp3s, but… you know you really always want the originals for future hopes of CD writing and fame… ??? I’m just in college down in southern california, enjoying life, writing some music, you know how it goes. :) Do I still sound like adam duritz? I think I always will :laugh: . It just seems to be part of who I am… when I get passionate about the music I just - “go into that mode.”

I hope you like the mix,


Awesome song Brian. Welcome back. I always liked your songs a lot; you songwriting and lyrics are always incredible. This is a real unconventional backing track you’ve produced. Maybe you can share some details. Also, check your messenger; I’m sending a IM your way.

Great song! Your voice does sound like Adam Duritz, specially in the high registers. I hope you are not offended if I say this song could have come straight from the Counting Crows.

I’m wondering about the abrupt ending. Is that how it is supposed to be?


WHOA!!! WHOA!!! DUDE!!! You’re freaking back!!!

And (other than that horrid, shitty vocal effect) this may be your best work yet.

Even though I’d like to write a book about this, I don’t think there’s anything else I can say to make this better (except maybe replacing those toms). Great stuff. Seriously, amazing. Awesome song. You have no idea.


I lost a lot of my files in 2004

Ahhhhh, that really sucks!!! Did you lose “Everything Is Just Beginning Now”?

I agree with Jason.

This might just be your best song up to now.

I take it you posted it for some comment as well, so here goes.

The whole song sounds very good, but for one thing (and it might just be me, but here goes):
That weird guitar effect. (What is that digitech’s yaya on auto ?)
The melody that the guitar part does sounds more than awesome.It’s a whole countermelody bussiness that adds immensely to the song. If only it didn’t have that effect on all the time. It might be worth it to make it sound ‘regular’ when you’re singing, as (to my ears) it draws the attention away from your awesome voice (and yes you sound now more than Adam - not a bd thing). You can maybe put the effect back when it’s more solo, and then take it off when the vocal starts again.

I think that’s the thing that bothers me - it feels like it draws the attention away from the vocal. —> Just my opinion, I might be wrong.

Other than that, it sounds amazing !
The song suits your voice to a tee and is well written, the orchestration is awesome, and that soaring, melodic, guitar ‘counterpart’ really, really sounds good (melody wise).


Typing as I listen again - that guitar thing - is that done with a footcontrolled picth shifter ?

That melody can stand on it’s own. It sounds soooooo awsome. It’s (too me) in the same league as AxelF and the intro to ‘The Final Countdown’.

Sheez man, I’m even starting to like it as it is.
I hear your vocal is panned (a bit) to the one side, and this melody is a little panned to the other. Is it then intentional that the vocal and this ‘guitar effect sound’ is supposed to be more of a ‘duet’ that is intentionally ‘counter’ to the vocal, instead of ‘confirming’ it ?

If that is the case then it works. Ignore my previous post.
This song is growing on me at an amazing rate.
(BTW I love how your voice sounds doing the falsetto at about 3:01)


Seriously, amazing. Awesome song. You have no idea.

Jason said it…

Thanks so much for the complements! I really appreciate them. I am definetly posting here not just for you to listen but to make suggestions, and to change what needs to be changed.


And (other than that horrid, shitty vocal effect) this may be your best work yet

What is it about the effect that you don’t like? I have actually noticed a few things that I don’t like since I posted it, so it will be getting a few changes already. I want to open it up though to everyone so we can have a kind of… open season on the song. :) Tell me anything you think sounds bad or could sound better and stuff!


Great song, lyrics, vocals.
Put a “real” band behind you and I think you would have a hit.
Good luck

Real band? Huh?

$%#@, this is genius my man. The vocals are great… kind of a Bono/Adam Duritz mix. The guitar being so freaking not guitar like is excellent If hear one more tune where guys regurgitate the same chunk chunk guitar sound, Ima gonna go nuts. Really great. This is the sort of thing my band aims for, so I am a bit partial to this sound. :)

The vocals are indeed great & as always, they can make a song. However, I’m going to dissent on the pscyho-sync guitar - it’s too much for me. Perhaps it could be used to emphasis part of the song (chorus or hook), but having it go throughout the entire song doesn’t work for me. A good producer could fix all that though.

The vocals is what counts & you’ve got 'em. Good job!

After lisetning to it a lot, (and thinking of the praises and criticisms posted here,) I’m wondering if the “psuedo-guitar effect” that i use sounds like that song “Smile like you mean it” by The Killers. Anyone?

I have a real electric in there, but the effect wasn’t even supposed to sound like a guitar… just… a cool sound. :) I duno… I worked for a while making it, so I’m glad you all like it. What could I change to make it better?

Hey LT. Good to see you back! Great tune you have there. IMO, the pseudo-psycho :D effect you have in there works. I haven’t heard that Killers tune, so I can’t comment. I wouldn’t change a thing though! :;):



Brian, I think if you like the effect and how it sounds, keep it in there. Why feel obligated to conform to the formulas that have stagnated music over the years. This sort of experimentation is what makes music great; by pushing open the boundaries. Let people catch up with you instead of doing it the other way around.

I appreciate the complement ksdb. My questions are more… a matter of production. Do they vocals sound thin? Is the (as we’ve now named it) “psuedo-guitar effect” too overpowering in certain parts? STuff like this is more what I feel I need comment on. I love writing music, but I am FAR from being proud enough to say I’m the most talented producer here ??? … I am FAR from that. Far from even being good. I know what I’m doing, but I want to listen to people who know a lot more than me. If any of you really know your producing well, hit me up. :)


To be honest this would not be the type of music I would listen to on a regular basis but I must say I’m quite impressed. The song is really well written and I think the quality of the recording could be almost comparable to some “commercial” productions. Hey it sounds better than a lot of stuff I’ve heard that apparantly cost 10s of 1000s to produce. Nice work :D

Hi Brian,
very nice work.
Considering that you don’t like 100% positive feedback I have a few personal considerations:

1) At 4 sec:
The transition between the Intro and the main theme should be “softly”, maybe sustaining the intro effect in “fade out” for a while.
2) At 3:10
The vocals are the “stars” of this song and the chorus seemed to me a little bit behind from this point to the end.
3) The drums
In my opinion is the weak part. Doesn’t mean that is not good but the quality isn’t so high as the other components. Maybe some reverb reduction could provide more “body” to the drums.

Despite this considerations I have to say that´s a wonderfull work. Congratulations.

About the production and effects: In my opinion it depends on you intention. My personal impression is that all the components are matching perfectly.


Okay, I have to check back in on this. THis weekend I was at a party and my buddy has a home studio/listening room which far surpasses what most of us have. (Fully professionally treated room, $4k worth of monitors… it’s a nice setup) and I pulled this tune up. Unfrotunately flaws popped out. The song itself and the performance I still think are stellar. However, the mix has some weirdness going on. I found the vocals quite harsh and brittle. The high end was hyped and they didn;t have and syrup to them if you know what I mean. The low mids were a bit muddy and killed the depth of field. The depth of field needs help in general. The lows were a bit thin and boomy. The guitars could come down a smidge as they covered the vocals. The drums were buried a bit too. I did quite a bit of comparitive listening to other stuff at the same time to be sure I wasn’t all left field. I think it may just be a monitoring situation. On my ear buds and in the car this sounds swell, in more reveling situations I hear the problems above. Still a great tune.