The  ART V3

Have you tried it ? Do you like it ?

Hi Guys :D

This unit interests me and I was wondering if anybody here has given it a try ?



I have the ART DPS which is I think essentially 2 of the V3 units in a rack unit with digital outs.

I am happy with it and use it for all my voacls and also to DI my bass and my acoustic electric (I then blend the DI with the mic’d signal for the acoustic/electric)

Hi Ted. I have the ART Studio V3, small blue metal box with an ECC83 valve (or tube, in americanese) in it. The switchable tone shaping is quite subtle, I like it for electric guitar and bass. It adds a touch of warmth to vocals too but I’m not sure how different or better it is than well-applied eq. It’s quiet and seems well made. There was some correspondence here a while back about the fact that such small valve pre-amps do not run the valve at the full voltage, so the effect must therefore be marginal; I guess your ears must be the judge. I’m happy with my unit. I also like the twin outputs; my e-git goes into the V3, then I send one o/p (jack) through my Digitech effects unit, and the other (XLR)straight into the mixer. I like blending effected and clean sounds like this.


Thanks Tuster and Rich :)

I really appreciate the input and your time. I am always on the lookout nowadays for things that might simplify my recording habit or reduce the amount of time it takes to get the tracks laid down.

Thanks Again,