The  name.

Got a back-stage pass for America’s gig at the casino tonight, and just about to leave.

And when I find out the name of that nameless horse, I’ll post it. :D

you see i been through the casino and i spent all my pay
didnt win a single dime all day
in the casino,ya cant remember yer name,and theyre aint no one forcein ya to spend yer pay,
ahhhhhhhhhhh LA La LALALA da da LAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhLaHHHHHHHHHHHH

Pullin on a one arm bandit,hopin for a load,
tell me how long ya gonna play there gizmo,
some people say,your wallet will soon be blown,
you dont care i know,oh ,oh whow whow.oh oh whow oh oh oh whow:laugh: :p