The need for update of the Manual / tutorial

A request and thought after some reading

I’ve been an N Track user for almost two years now and I’m so very happy to say that I love this software. I’m now using N Track at a level that I was worried it wouldn’t be capable of handling when I first decided to use it over Cubase (Which I couldn’t stand) and two other brands that are constantly praised by so many as (The better more professional) software. I haven’t posted any of my work anywhere as I want to finish the current projects I’m working on first and promote them properly before releasing any of it. But it is seriously up to the professional standards I was always hoping to achieve. But it really bothers me that N Track gets the undeserved and “Left out” reputation it seems to often have when it deserves so much more. I really believe that if there were a seriously proper set of video tutorials to access via the web site and/or youtube etc the reputation and understanding of N Track would really take off. (I’ve seen the ones out there now and although better than nothing they are really in need of something much better). I also believe that the manual needs a serious update and rewrite. There are things that are so very out of date and it would profit N Track to get someone to give it a major over haul. Flavio I know you are probably way over taxed in your work but please consider these suggestions as I really do love your product and believe in it. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work.
Gregory Wayne

Post your music! :agree:

Perhaps what we should do is start a thread listing specific things in the manual that are no longer accurate or need revision for whatever reason.

Couldn’t agree more.

Yep! After 7 years with ‘n’, still happy here! :agree:

there’s a manual?

oh man I probably could have saved a year or two of my life had I known. :laugh:


Thats a good idea. Although it’s a large task and there’s a lot that needs attention. I wonder if there is anyone capable/willing to make a professional and well made tutorial.
I know that 64bit recording is becoming more and more the way things are going to go. Win 7 64 bit is now everywhere and I’m just loving it.

I dunno, at 64 bits my stuff still sounds like it was done by a middle school student of uncertain talent. :laugh:

Well, Friguy, start up a thread, and we’ll all stick things in it as we notice lacuna in the manual. after that, the edit should be easy enough, I would guess.

Quote: (TomS @ May 23 2011, 7:25 PM)

I dunno, at 64 bits my stuff still sounds like it was done by a middle school student of uncertain talent.

ya mean that's not what you were going for?


Ya TomS, you’re doing it because you’re above all this phony hiding behind production stuff and the song in it’s purest form is the only real way to see the true art of it. Er, something like that :whistle: .

I’m not sure how to properly start a thread to do this idea actually. I’m thinking I’ll put it in the wrong place in the forum (this is the only forum I’ve ever taken the time or cared about enough to participate in.) and then show how much I really don’t know what I’m talking about. LOL. But if someone can tell me where/how to put it or under what spot it should go or if it has a special spot/way it needs to be done I’ll give it a go. I don’t want to be a presumptuous know it all. (Musicians are never like that LOL) Or if someone knows how it should be done and doesn’t mind taking the reigns to fire it up that would be fine with me too.
Gregory Friguy

we do have a wiki here. ?


Yeah, DC, but this is not for the wiki, is it? This is to make a single location for info about manual problems. I say stick it in the main forum, since it’s about “everything n-Track.”

And, no, Friguy, I’m in this for my ego, that much I know, and the more produced I could make something so that the turd shines and even blinds, the more I’d do it. :agree:

Yeah, forum. More people will see it. Gregory won’t have to get to grips with handling another webapp (he’s just getting to grips with the forum). Also the wiki should be the place for permanent info - me thinks

And, Tom, beauty is in the eye of the ear-holder and many of us think your stuff (inc me) is great, so don’t knock it mate :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mark. :agree:

Yup. And the thread shall be named?

Well, it should contain “Friguy” in there somewhere.

How about “Friguy’s Manual Improvement Thread”?

Do we need to bare in mind the rumour V7?

What rumour is that? I like that rumour.

Around a year back, mid thread. FA seamed to suggest a tailing-off of 6.