The New Fascism.


May 12) - More companies are taking action against employees who smoke off-duty, and, in an extreme trend that some call troubling, some are now firing or banning the hiring of workers who light up even on their own time.

The outright bans raise new questions about how far companies can go in regulating workers’ behavior when they are off the clock.

I’m a smoker, (of many things, although on occasion, I just steam slightly :D) but between 1988 and 1998, I gave it up completely, so I can see the argument from both points of view.

Yes, ban smoking in restaurants and other public places, (although I feel that pubs should have the option of deciding whether they want to be smoking or non-smoking).

And by all means, if even one person objects to smoking in the workplace, then ban it.

But, sacking people because they smoke in their own time in their own home?

For christ’s sake, it’s only tobacco we’re talking here, not el primo skunk! :laugh:

So, the company owns your soul now does it?

How about sacking people because they go to the wrong church, or vote the wrong way, or screw their wives in a non company approved fashion?

Thank god I’m retired. No-one tries to force a cantankerous old fart to be anything but a cantankerous old fart.


So you do use the phrase “el primo skunk” must be universal…

I agree Ali but maybe the company shouldn’t have to carry you on their health insurance plan or some such deal. “just tobacco”? boy I don’t know…tobacco is as addictive and harmful as heroin. I’m an ex smoker also so I can see both sides too. but in enclosed public places not at all. Here in Idaho a state senator tried to say that a business owner owned the air in their establishment and therefore had the right to foul it if he pleased. We have some real wacko’s here in the potato state.

Cruiser :p

I agree Ali. Once a person is hired, they should not be fired because of what they do on their own time (health insurance or not). Now, should a company be allowed to ask you if you smoke before you are hired and use that information in the hiring process? I guess they can, but they are going to be excluding lots of good workers that way. And it seems to me th be really bad business practice to hire or fire on the basis of whether you are a smoker or not. You could be the best Chef ever and a smoker and instead they hire a McDonalds fry cook cause he doesn’t smoke… just plain silly.


Man o man, here we go with the I know what’s best for you. First up, I smoke. Second, if I kill myself doing so, it’s my buisness. More people are killed from auto accidents, should we ban those? I say ban the auto’s and then see if everyone quits smoking when they have to hoof it to work! LOL

Crap like this pisses me off, when we need to be taking care of important issues. I say hang all CEO’s that support this kind of nonsense.

Hey Ali, pass us a fag will ya. :D (Lighting up at this moment)

Ok, how did my ink get blue?

You’ve been playing it a lot of sad songs and telling it all your tales of woe of course!

TG :)

PS “I owe my soul to the company store…bum…bum…bum…bum…bumpity.bum…”

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Of course the company owns me. I’m listed on the company ledger as an asset. Until I screw up. Then they list me as a liability! Can’t smoke here either. Since I don’t smoke though… pffft! If I do start smokin’, call the Fire Department!

PPS I agree this is completely ridiculous. When I’m “off the clock” (in quotes because I don’t have to punch a “clock”) it’s my business and the company can bite me arse!!

I don’t get itr…


Ok, how did my ink get blue?

Ctrl panel
Personal info -> Edit your profile.
Waaay at the bottom.

Kinda cool actually !


How about we let you smoke at home but you have to pay higher insurance premiums? Oh, and you are not allowed to expose kids to second hand smoke in the home, either. :)

My mom died a few months ago from cario-pulmonary obstruction or whatever it is called, i.e., smoking. Pointless early death. Dunno why you smokers do it. She won’t see her grandchildren grow up now. Nor they her.

Hey Yaz your ink is blue due to lack of oxygen! :D (meant in good fun .)

Cruiser you may be correct about lack of oxygen, since my brain doesn’t function properly lol. :D

Sorry to hear about your Mother Tom, why do smokers keep smoking? Good question, addicts to the max is all I can say. Quitting is the one single hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. Made it 4 months once, but started back due to everyone I worked with smoked and the wife didn’t want to quit. Hard to say no to ciggy and kiss a pack in the morning. What were once vices are now habits, no, it’s not a hhabit it’s a full blown addiction.

BRB, going for a smoke.

I can relate man…took me 8 years to fully quit. In college I tooka behavior mod class and the guy said it was ok to reward yourself with a butt if you’d gone a while without a cg and don’t feel guilty about it. that is what I did but I finally made it It’s been 10 years now. did a pack a day and more when I was drinkin and doin drugs way back when. Now just give me coffee and sex and I’m a happy camper.

Cruiser :p

Not to be preachy, but I do wish my mother had managed to quit. She was also alcoholic, that almost killed her, but she kicked it pretty much at death’s door, and would have lived for at least another 5 and maybe 10 years if she had stopped smoking. 5 years may seem to be only a little while, but it’s the differece between 6 and 11 year old grandchilren, and lots of recording time. :(

OK, enough of that. :O


Now, should a company be allowed to ask you if you smoke before you are hired and use that information in the hiring process?

Well, it would be considered discrimination over here, and hence, illegal to do so.