The number of billionaires in the USA

(phoo @ Sep. 24 2004,16:05)
You know anyone laid off in the last few years, Burning?

Yes, I do ....

Good. Go tell the lazy bum to get off is ass and work.

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    Quoting myself, look who’s talking !

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If I remember correctly someone else has a bit of a problem with mis-communicating. If it’s not an issue for him - subjects that really count - then it surely should not be an issue for any of us when we mistype or misspell. You think?

Probably not. Toker & Burning SG are in their own league.

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No. Bush and Burning’s comment about IDOIT_SLAPPER’s grammar.

Ali, stick around.

Yeah, let me say a thing ot two about grammar…

I don’t no how to reed good.
I don’t talk good most time.
I cain’t spell eather and
I cain’t count.
But my woman is fine and don’t mind.

Now we need a nice bluesy melody.

Yeah, I didn’t even think about that or I might have worded it a bit differently. Sorry for bringing out the memory of that. Some things are better left alone.

Quote (Ali @ Sep. 24 2004,18:32)
Slapper, and Ted Nugent, (if you're different people that is :D ).

Oh, puhleeese !

You forgot something…

Getting late or something else? :)

Nope. I tried to be nice, just to see if how it feels. Don’t worry, I’m over it.

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Quote (MidnightToker @ Sep. 24 2004,10:46)
And if you will take notice Ms. Teresa Heinz-Kerry is number 400 on Forbes richest Americans list

But that will only be because Kerry makes the economy better by lowering the deficits, etc. & her stock shares go up. It won't be because of special favors if that's what you're implying.

As Teresa so aptly put it, when she was on the Republicans side, they loved her (and her deceased husband's money) but they that she's a Democrat, the money is somehow bad & evil. REPUBLICANS ARE HYPOCRITS!
Come on man!! Do yoy REALLY believe that?

If Kerry gets elected, his economic policies won't start affecting anything until he's almost out of office. Unless of course he gets elected for a second term.

You wanna blame somebody for our present economy? Blame Al-Qaeda and Clinton. It's not really fair though to blame Clinton individually. Blame his whole administration.